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How to Remove a Curse

How to Remove a Curse

Do you think you’re cursed? Did someone put the whammy on you? Are you the victim of black magic?

Have you been to a “psychic” who told you that you had a dark energy around you and she could remove it for thousands of dollars?

I get a lot of emails from people who are afraid they’re cursed and want to know how to remove it.

Here is a sampling of emails I’ve gotten from people over the years.

“Erin, I’ve lost 3 family members this year. Someone has cursed me. How do I remove it?”

“Erin, the psychic said if I don’t give her all the tips from my stripping job that I will be cursed and go to hell. So I’ve been giving her money for the last 7 years. But I’m starting to think this is a scam.”

“Erin, my neighbor told me she put a curse on me because she doesn’t like me. Since then, I’m afraid to leave the house. Can you help me?”

“Erin, I think my mother-in-law cursed me because I married her son and she doesn’t like me. I’ve had a miscarriage and I know the curse is real!”

Hear me now. You are not cursed. There is no such thing. Curses and black magic aren’t real.

Unless you believe they are.

If you believe you are cursed, you’re going to attract situations where you feel like you’re the victim of bad luck or a curse. If you’re walking around in a state of fear, you’re going to attract what you fear.

No one can curse you unless you believe they can curse you.

So the best way to “remove” a curse is to realize you are not cursed. You must realize that it is impossible for someone to direct the universe to harm you.

Now if you’re superstitious or you’re a fearful person, I know that can be hard. If you’ve had a run of bad luck, it may be easier to think you’re cursed or the victim of black magic than to accept that something bad happened randomly.

When you believe you are cursed, you give all your power to the curse. So take back your power.

Instead of adopting the belief that curses are real and that you are a victim, try these beliefs on for size:

“Sometimes things happen that feel bad or negative. But there’s no ill intent behind it.”

“No one has the power to make me feel anything without my permission.”

“I am the only being that can direct the course of my life.”

“Positive outcomes flow to me easily.”

“I create my own reality.”

Or pick something that feels good to you.

The only person who can actually curse you, is you! If you adopt the belief that you are prone to bad luck, or that there are negative forces trying to hurt you, or that you are a victim, you will manifest situations that mirror that belief.

Change your beliefs, change your life.

If you need an extra boost in order to feel safe, use psychic self-defense techniques such as asking the archangels for protection and surrounding yourself in white light.

Your best bet is your vibration. Raise your vibration. Walk around in a state of love, gratitude, and joy, and then when someone tries to send bad luck your way, the bad luck is going to take one look at your vibration and say “Oh hell no… I’m not tangling with love and joy over there. They sting!” 😉

But seriously, be a good person, be loving, kind, and gentle. What you put into the world, you get back.

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