The Value of Course Corrections

Has your world ever come crashing down on you? Have you ever been through something that completely unraveled your current way of living and threw you into what felt like the deep end of the swimming pool with a block of cement around your feet?

Maybe your partner dumped you. Maybe a business deal fell through and you went bankrupt. Maybe you were fired for no reason you could discern and you’ve got $20 in your bank account.

As you try to claw your way to the surface for air, you may feel like the Universe just screwed you, badly. You may curse God and ask him why you’re being punished. You may shake your fists angrily at your spirit guides and accuse them of forsaking you. And where are those guardian angels?? Aren’t they supposed to save you from disasters?

No. Sometimes what’s happening is a course correction. It’s actually the universe conspiring to save you, and it just feels like punishment.

It is the job of your spirit guides to help you achieve what you desire. So if they see you going in a direction that won’t help you achieve your desire what do they do? They send you signs, signals, and synchronicities in an attempt to nudge you in a direction you yourself would be happy to go if you only understood and knew that it was better for you.

But sometimes you hang on stubbornly to a path that isn’t serving you, and no matter how many signs or nudges you get, you don’t get the message. That’s when the heavy hand of the universe will come slap you. To move you. To wake you. To give you no other choice but to take a different path.

Is it fun? Not usually. Is it fair? Depends on how you look at it.

One of my friends went through a major course correction and I saw it coming. In fact I tried to warn him but he was dead set on his course. And then the hammer came down on him so hard, I wasn’t sure he would survive the blow. But because I was in tune with his guides, I knew what was happening, and I knew where they were trying to steer him, so I kept him afloat until the new threads could be woven into his tapestry.

Basically, in a 24 hour period of time, the woman he was about to propose to dumped him, and the organization he volunteered for fired him. He lost the two most important things in his life overnight.

But you see, he wasn’t really supposed to marry that girl. She was brought into his life to help him through a transition from a different relationship, but instead he threw all his weight into the relationship and got himself to a point where he felt marriage was the next step.

And the organization he volunteered for was an important piece to his puzzle but it was only meant to be a short stepping stone for something way bigger and way better.

But because he couldn’t see what I was seeing, he didn’t know that something way better and bigger was waiting for him on the other side of this correction.

So when his life came crashing down on him, I tried to keep him going. I refused to let him sink into drinking and abusing his body. I wouldn’t let him give up and fall into despair. Because I knew something better was coming.

Four months later, it came. He was in the right place at the right time and ended up at the top of an organization whereas previously he was at the very bottom.

And a few months after that, he was in a new healthier relationship with a woman who was a much better vibration for him. And he was happy again. And still is.

It wasn’t punishment. It was a correction.

But the more you resist, the more painful it can feel. The more you ignore your gut, the more you avoid listening to your intuition, the more you miss the signs, the more devastating that correction can feel when it happens.

I see this all the time in people I’m reading for. I can see where your guides are trying to make corrections, and I can tell you what’s coming on the other side. It’s always positive. I’ve never seen guides trying to move you to something negative.

But the trick is to move with ease and flow into that correction so you don’t have to be jarred, thrown, and hammered.

What is your gut telling you now that you’re ignoring? Are you in a relationship you’ve outgrown but won’t leave? Are you doing a job you hate, but are afraid to let go? Are you having a health crisis you’re ignoring?

What do you think is going to happen if you don’t listen?

Now think back on times that you thought were devastating, and then ask yourself if perhaps they were just corrections that led to something better. Some people fall so hard, and become so bruised, that it takes months or even years to get to the good part and be able to look back on the experience gratefully.

So don’t resist. Listen to your gut. Allow your guides to guide you. They know what you really want because you’ve told them what you really want every time you pray. Let them do their job. You will hurt less if you don’t resist and go with the flow.

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