How To Know if Your Psychic is Ethical

This is a real email I got:

“This psychic told me I had a curse on me and my family and if I didn’t give her $3,000, then me and my family would die within a week. I paid her, and a few weeks later she called me and said the curse was coming back and that it was stronger than she first thought, so she asked for $5,000 to take care of it. I don’t have any more money. Should I take out a second mortgage? Can you help me get rid of the curse? I am so scared for my family.”

This is also a real email I got:

“So I went to a psychic last week, and she told me I was going to lose my job and wouldn’t find another one for 2 years. Now I am really scared. Is there a way to change my fate?”

I’ve gotten hundreds of emails like these two and every time I read one I feel like banging my head on a wall. At the very least, there’s a face palm.

There is no regulatory agency that tests or certifies psychics. Anyone can set up shop and claim to be a psychic. So you really have to do your due diligence to find a psychic that is trustworthy, honest, and good.

Here are some ways to know if your psychic is ethical.

Ethical psychics empower you
A psychic should help you detect upcoming pitfalls and then tell you what you need to do to go around them. If your psychic is all doom and gloom, she’s not doing her job.

An ethical psychic will see an area of concern, talk to your guides about it, and give you insight on how to make things better. She won’t send you away believing there is nothing you can do to change your fate. There is no fate, no destiny. With free will you are free to make choices that will lead to a better outcome.

Ethical psychics charge a fair price
Have you ever driven down the street and seen those little shops with a banner that says “$10 readings”? Ever wonder how they pay their rent on those prices? They don’t.

They get you in the door for $10 then tell you you’re cursed and ask you to fork over thousands for a fake removal of said curse. They make their money on suckers who fall for the ploy.

An ethical psychic will charge a price based on the demand for her services, her years of experience, and the quality of readings she offers. Don’t shy away from a high priced psychic. If you can afford their rates, you’re likely to get a very good reading.

Ethical psychics will stop you from becoming a psychic junkie
You don’t need to see a psychic every week. You don’t need a psychic to make every decision for you. People who consult psychics before making every decision are psychic junkies, afraid to do anything without the psychic’s approval. That leads to disempowerment and fear.

You should get a reading when you’re truly stuck and can’t figure out what to do on your own. Or when you want to be proactive in finding your best path going forward. Or when you think you know what your guides are telling you and want to verify it with an outside person.

If your psychic tries to get you to book another reading before your current reading is even over, be very wary. She should answer all your questions in that reading. If you have totally different topics to discuss, then it’s okay to book another reading right away. But you shouldn’t have to book a reading for the same issue for a long time.

Ethical psychics will have strong testimonials
If your psychic has no one vouching for their services, be suspicious. Happy customers send thank you notes and testimonials when they get good service. Psychics post them on their websites proudly. If you see no testimonials, either the psychic is just starting out or they don’t have satisfied customers.

One of your best bets in picking a psychic is to get a referral from someone you know. I once had a gal book a reading with me because she saw her friend’s testimonial on my site. Small world!

Ask your friends if they know a good psychic and ask them what they liked about their reading. Different psychics give different kinds of readings, so you want to use a psychic who specializes in what you need.

Ethical psychics will teach you how to remove your own negative energy
On really rare occasions, I’ve had clients who have a negative entity attached to them. When I see it, I teach my client how to get rid of it. There’s no extra charge. While there are some psychics who really can help you remove a bad entity, it’s just going to come back if she doesn’t also teach you how to keep it away.

So in summary, an ethical psychic will give you a reading that will empower you on your path. She will tell you everything you need to know to have the life you desire. She won’t overcharge you or allow you to give her all your power. She’ll have excellent referrals and testimonials about her services. And if you’re really up the creek without a paddle, she’ll give you the paddle so you can beat the entity over the head with it. 😉

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