All the Different Spirit Guides

On my blog you’ve heard me mention and talk about spirit guides a LOT. A reminder: Spirit guides are the non-corporeal entities assigned to you before you were born that help you navigate your life and help you get what you desire.

When I do readings for clients, one of the questions I am frequently asked is, “Who are my guides?”

During readings, guides come to me as a collective energy, but when I ask them to step out into distinct personalities, they do. And then I can describe them to my client.

It occurred to me the other day that the term “spirit guides” is actually a little generic, because there are several types of spirits on the other side that guide us.

So I wanted to identify and explain all the different spirit guides you can find on the other side so that you’re aware. This is probably not an exhaustive list. Other intuitives may have different names for these guides. But these are the guides I’ve interacted with for decades.

Dominant Spirit Guides
Everyone is assigned at least a few guides before birth. I’ve seen some people with 7 guides, some with 2, and I’ve seen some people with 4 separate sets of several guides each, acting in distinct pods.

But there is usually one spirit guide who will step forward for me during a reading. I refer to this guide as the dominant guide, or sometimes I think of this guide as the spokesperson, speaking for the collective.

The dominant guide is with you your entire life. This guide knows you inside and out. This guide can have either a masculine or feminine energy, regardless of what your gender is.

This guide has a very distinct personality. Maybe he’s stoic, analytical and logical. Or maybe she’s nurturing, kind and compassionate. Maybe he’s spiritual and laid back. Or maybe she’s aggressive and confident. I have often seen a correlation between the personality of the dominant guide and the client, but not always.

Your dominant guide was picked very carefully by your higher self before you incarnated. This is the guide that has agreed to watch your every step and take care of you to the best of his or her ability. Much respect goes out to the dominant guide for their dedication and care in this role.

Personal Spirit Guides
Standing right behind your dominant guide are what I refer to as your personal guides. They too are assigned to you before birth, and they too were carefully selected. But whereas your dominant guide manages every part of your life, the personal guides are often chosen specifically for a certain trait or experience they can lend you.

For example, one of your personal guides might have a lot of experience with teaching, and was asked to guide you because your higher self wanted you to be a teacher.

Or you may have a guide that is an expert on logic and was assigned to you because your higher self wanted to steer you down a road where logic would be useful.

Your “logic” guide may not be that involved with your relationships. Your “teacher” guide may not be that involved with your health. But each of these personal guides does his or her part to help keep you sound and sane during your incarnation.

When you practice tuning in to your guides, spend a little time with each of your guides getting to know them and why they are assigned to you. It should be quite eye opening.

Helper Guides
There are non-corporeal beings on the other side who aren’t assigned to you from birth but can perform tasks for you from time to time. I’ve got such a guide. His name is Keith. He finds people he thinks would be well suited to have a reading with me and helps them find their way to my site.

That’s often why I get emails from people who say, “I was sitting here in the dark one night, getting ready to kill myself, and a little voice told me to go on the internet and look up suicide. I found your blog, read it for 6 hours straight, and knew I had to book a session with you.”

I can’t tell you how many times someone has prefaced their reading with me by telling me about the nudges and synchronistic ideas that popped into their head that led people right to me.

Keith knows who will benefit from my style of intuitive counseling and who won’t. So he sends me the people he knows I can help. But he wasn’t assigned to me before birth. It’s just a service he performs for me because of a favor I did for him when he was crossing over. I don’t know if he’ll always do that, but so far, so good. He’s free to leave whenever he wants. And he’s free to help others as well.

There are other helper guides on the other side as well, who perform a multitude of tasks for us Earthlings. When you tune in to your guides, ask who else is helping you.

Temporary Guides
Similar to helper guides, you can have spirit guides who pop in and out as situations warrant it. Let’s say you’re transitioning your career from being a network administrator to foraying into politics. You can attract a new guide into your sphere who perhaps had a previous life as a politician. This new guide can help you with your campaign. Maybe he sticks around after you’re elected and maybe he doesn’t. But your dominant guide can pull in other guides to assist with temporary situations.

Likewise, maybe you’re beginning to have a health problem. Your dominant guide can pull in a guide who can help bring you healing or arrange meetings with practitioners who can help you.

Temporary guides are not bound to you, and they may be assisting several other people at the same time they’re assisting you. They may stay for a long time or they may cut out when the task is done. It’s like hiring extra help for a party, and when the party’s over, they go home.

Conduit Guides
Conduit guides are guides who assist professional intuitives to connect to other people’s spirit guides for readings. My conduit guide, Bob, came to me when I began my career as a professional intuitive. He introduced himself to me, told me he would help boost my signal and help me connect, and so it was.

I didn’t even know about conduit guides when I first started out. But I was introduced to him shortly after I began trying to do readings. Bob only assists me with readings, he doesn’t give me advice on my own life. He’s there to keep unwanted spirit communication from me so I’m only open when I’m working. He helps me set boundaries so I’m not randomly reading people in the grocery store.

I love Bob. And I can’t wait to meet him in person when I cross over. You get to meet your guides when you cross over. 🙂

Informational Guides
The last type of guide I’m aware of are the informational guides. These are spirits that are not assigned to or attached to anyone in particular, but they act like librarians, giving me access to knowledge and information about things in general.

So sometimes during a reading one of them will pop in and give me some information about how the world works, and that’s because sometimes people book a reading with me not to ask anything about themselves personally but to ask about universal concepts.

It’s fun for me to do those readings because I get to learn things too. 🙂

So there you have it. The line-up. How many of these guides have you interacted with? Do you know your dominant guide? Give them a shout out and a look see next time you’re meditating.

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