Connecting with Maya Angelou After Her Passing

Yesterday I heard of the passing of Maya Angelou. I posted about her passing on my Facebook wall. I could feel that her passing was gentle and marvelous, in the keenest sense of that word. She was amazed by the process of crossing over.

On my Facebook wall I encouraged others to tune in to Maya’s energy, to practice tuning in to the broadcast of an individual who is in the early stages of crossing over, and others reported on what they felt.

Then I started to go back to work. But something stopped me. And I sat quietly for a minute or so and realized I was tuned in to Maya’s broadcast, to her energy. And then the words started to come. I could hear her so clearly.

I wrote down what I heard her say. I’m not sure I got every word right, because transmissions come as energy that must be translated into language, and while I am clairaudient, there are some concepts that words just can’t convey.

I debated whether I should post it, but decided her words and her broadcast were too beautiful not to share. When I tuned in to her, she was describing her experience of crossing over and landing on the other side. Here is what she conveyed.

“There is a whole other world out there, full of love, light, and beauty. The endless waves of love surround me, and I feel like I am rolling in a bushel of warm, freshly laundered clothing. I am surrounded by joy and a remarkable chorus of voices singing a song to me that resonates so deeply in my soul.

And I am asking myself why I couldn’t remember this light when it is everything, everything! We touch upon it so fleetingly while we live. If only we could tap into the memory of it, how profoundly it would affect us all.

Do not fear anything. There is only love.

It is the most beautiful thing you will ever experience. I am at once held by an amazing consciousness, full of grace, while I also embrace every other soul that is. The strength of this connection moves me, and I realize now how the connection goes through us all, even when we can’t remember.

Love each other. Embrace one another. Hold fast to each other. You do not realize how connected you truly are.”

She’s sending me the energy of freedom. She’s sloughed off a heavy physical burden. It feels like the anchor that was around her body just fell away and she became light.

She’s asking a lot of questions on the other side. She’s completely fascinated with the process, and is exploring it all.

Here is something else she said to me as I was typing this:

“What a remarkable thing is the soul, housed so quietly in its shell, sending bursts of energy forth into the world without ever really shining on its own. It is content to fuel the incarnation, sending urges and nudges through the brain, that whisper of strength, courage, and compassion. It is a dependable companion on the journey. It can carry you when you falter, or it can lay dormant when you push away from its truth and stop listening to its song. The stirring of the soul is a beautiful reminder of its existence. Listen to your soul. It is a valiant guide often pushing through the murky waters of bad experiences to remind you that you are not alone.”

Connecting with her energy is amazing. She’s lifting my energy as I channel this information.

There were many people waiting for her when she crossed over. Many companions, plus people she didn’t know knew her. It’s been really beautiful to tune in to her energy. What a lovely soul she is, and what a fantastic communicator as well. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

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