Priming Yourself for an Amazing Night of Dreaming

When you lay down to go to sleep at night, what are your dominant thoughts?

Are you thinking about your day? Your problems? Your worries?

Are you making plans? Going over conversations you had during the day to see what else you could have said? Are you planning out what you’re going to say to your boss the next day at work?

Whatever you think about before you go to bed has the highest likelihood of becoming your dream content.

Our subconscious mind likes to weave our problems into dreams as a way of helping us work them out.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like dreaming about my stressors. What a buzz kill.

I like to have action dreams where I’m a superhero saving Metropolis from a super villain. I like to dream that I’m a character in my favorite TV show. I like to hang out with the most interesting characters or the sexiest actors and do whatever I please with them.

So when I get into my bed at night, I pull my blanket up, lay my arms to my sides and say out loud to the universe, “Let’s do this!”

And then I go about programming the dream I want to have. Remember, whatever you think about before going to sleep, you’ll likely dream about. So fantasize. Daydream. Imagine the actual dream you’d like to have or at least as much of it as you can.

I choose in advance the type of dream I feel like having. Then I think about the characters and setting. I play around with the plot. I marinate and soak in the essence of the scenes I want to star in.

And that’s all it takes. My dreams become rich playgrounds where anything is possible and I control the action. My dreams don’t always play out scene for scene how I imagined them, but the characters and setting are usually there.

Sometimes only one out of six of my dreams contains these luscious plot lines. And sometimes I’ll dream in my play arena the entire night. Sometimes I can lucidly control the action and sometimes I’m at the mercy of my subconscious mind. Either way, it’s super fun!

Tonight before you go to sleep, try the technique and see what you get. Anything you can dream of, you can dream about. Try this night after night and you’ll begin to see the content you’re imagining come to life in your dreams.

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