You Can’t Have What You Can’t Hold

In my article, 11 Spiritual Truths You May Want to Remember, I listed 11 short spiritual truths. It received a very positive reaction, but some people wanted a little more information about what I meant. So I’m going to take each spiritual truth I listed and expand on it, each in its own article over the next 11 weeks.

Spiritual Truth #7: Learn how to be a vibrational match for your desires. Do not hope, pray, or wish for what you desire. Instead be in the vibration of knowing what it feels like for your desire to be a totally normal part of your life.

When you think about what you want in life, how does it feel? Easily achievable or impossibly out of reach?

In order to manifest what you desire you must hold the vibration of what it would feel like for what you desire to be a totally normal part of your life.

“Of course I have a million dollars in the bank. I would be shocked to wake up one day and find less.”

“Of course I have a wonderful relationship. I don’t even think about it much because it’s just always there.”

“Yes, I love my job. I can’t even imagine getting up for work and not loving where I’m going.”

Think right now about something you love about your life but that you don’t think about too often because it’s just totally normal. It doesn’t come up in your thoughts so much because you’ve checked it off a list in your mind and don’t have to assign resources to getting it.

That same sensation you have when you think about what’s normal is the same sensation you must have when you think about what you want.

If what you want feels totally fantastical, out of reach, or beyond ridiculously amazing, it’s going to be difficult to manifest it. It will be like trying to hold water in a funnel. Yeah, you can imagine it, but then it just slips right out the bottom. You can’t hold it. You don’t have a container that can hold the energy for more than a few seconds.

To become a vibrational match for a desire you have to weave the normalcy of it into your life. Create a container for it.

If you want to have a ton of money, set up a savings account. Create a container for your money.

If you want to have kids, make sure you’re living in a home that has room for them.

If you want to be in amazing relationship, set aside a date night every week. Use that time to go out and meet new people, search a database online, talk to friends about setting you up, etc. But make a time for it, every week, until you’re using that time to go on actual dates with your sweetie pie.

If you want an amazing job, start carving out time to find one, or research, or take classes.

Create the container for what you desire. Then as pieces of it manifest, it has a place to go. It’s like dropping coins into a piggy bank.

If you’re just sitting there hoping, praying, or wondering whether you will ever have what you want, you are reaffirming to the universe that you don’t have it. The universe is holding what you desire, and it’s looking for a way to drop it into your life. Make room for your desires.

You can’t have what you can’t hold. And if having a million dollars or the partner of your dreams feels like a fantasy come true, then you haven’t created enough normalcy around it.

If it’s beyond your wildest dreams, it will always be a dream.

Make it a normal and obvious part of your life and it will manifest much faster.

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