Hold a High Vibration

In my article, 11 Spiritual Truths You May Want to Remember, I listed 11 short spiritual truths. It received a very positive reaction, but some people wanted a little more information about what I meant. So I’m going to take each spiritual truth I listed and expand on it, each in its own article over the next 11 weeks.

Spiritual Truth #8: Love and gratitude are extremely high vibrations. Learn how to call upon them at will. One person walking the planet in a state of love and gratitude balances more than a hundred walking in fear.

As human beings, we experience a wide range of emotions. All emotions are important because they give us feedback about what’s going on in our lives.

When we feel sad, we usually prefer to feel happy. When we feel anxious, we usually prefer to feel calm. When something negative or bad happens in our lives, we generally want the situation to improve, right?

So emotions can be a great tool to help us figure out where we are and help create contrast so we know where we want to be.

Emotions that tend to feel uncomfortable include shame, guilt, sadness, fear, anxiety, and anger.

Emotions that tend to feel good include love, joy, gratitude, and peace.

But emotions aren’t just about how you feel inside. Your emotional state emits a vibration that impacts others.

Think about how you would feel if you were in an elevator, happy as a clam, and a bunch of other people get on the elevator. Then the elevator stops between floors and one person starts to really freak out, panicking, flailing about, screaming, etc. What happens to your state? Does your vibration change? Probably.

That panicky person’s energy field is impacting your energy field and they influence each other.

Or imagine you are sitting in a park, reading a book, enjoying the sunshine, and listening to the sounds of happy children playing, and a person sits down next to you and starts sobbing, talking about how they’ve just learned their child has inoperable brain cancer. What’s going to happen to your vibration?

It’s normal and natural for us to be affected by other people’s energy.

Likewise, a sad person can be uplifted by a happy person. A person feeling intense shame can be uplifted by a person who shows them unconditional love.

So the energy transfer works both ways.

Now what if you could consciously hold a high vibration like love or gratitude? What if you could hold that vibration in the face of a hundred people who were standing in fear?

Think of speakers who stand in front of large crowds of people and are able to change the entire energy of a crowd just by their words and the energy behind them.

Think of generals whose strength can calm the fears of their soldiers going into battle.

Think of leaders who can reassure crowds that everything is going to be okay after a major disaster.

Think of humanitarians who can go into a ravaged village and bring them peace.

One person standing in a high vibration can affect hundreds if not thousands of people standing in a lower vibration.

Likewise, one person standing in anger can create fear among hundreds of people in a crowd, like a terrorist with a bomb.

You have the capacity to affect the energy fields of thousands of people. What energy will you cast out into the world? What vibration will you stand in? Will you contribute to a peaceful world or a world of fear?

You have the power to choose your vibration. Use it consciously.

For help learning how to reach a state of love and gratitude in just a few minutes, check out my audio program, Raising Your Vibration.

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