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You’re Not Here to Change the World

In my article, 11 Spiritual Truths You May Want to Remember, I listed 11 short spiritual truths. It received a very positive reaction, but some people wanted a little more information about what I meant. So I’m going to take each spiritual truth I listed and expand on it, each in its own article over the next 11 weeks.

Spiritual Truth #5: You’re not here to change the world. The world will change by your presence. Make your presence positive.

You made a conscious choice to incarnate at this time. You were hanging out in the ether, maybe chilling with your buddy, Elvis, and said, “You know what? It’s time to go back. There’s something I’d like to experience on Earth. And maybe, while I’m there, I can make a difference or have an impact. Yeah, I’m doing it.”

And Elvis said, “Go for it, man!”

So you chose yourself some parents and got busy being born. Once you were here, you forgot why you came, but locked away inside you is the memory. The sooner you unlock it and remember it, the better.

So you’re tooling along on planet Earth and you’re having experiences and meeting people, and you’re having an impact. Even when you’re not out there with your cape and your super powers, you are changing the world. Your mere presence changes the world just as adding one ingredient to a pot of soup changes its flavor.

Yes, I just referred to you as a soup ingredient. Your energy, your experiences, the choices you make in life are a spice that is added to the soup of existence.

So the question is, what impact are you having? Are you making the soup too salty? Or are you making it wonderfully rich with flavor?

Instead of running around town trying to get people to behave like you think they should, try improving the quality of your self, so that when you add it to the soup of life, you make more delicious for everyone.

You can be that guy… the one that ruins the soup for everyone. Hitler much? Or you can be that one single spice that adds so much flavor that it brings all the other flavors together.

Whether you believe you’re having an impact or not doesn’t matter. If you think your actions and character don’t have an impact, you’re wrong. Every person you interact with is exposed to your flavor, and they take that flavor into themselves and it alters them.

So you can change the world by being the change you wish to see, because your flavor will spread through humanity making it a wonderfully tasty soup or making it taste horrible.

It’s your choice, and it’s all under your control. You can make your presence here positive or negative or even neutral. But be assured, you’re having an impact. We all are. And the world is the way it is because of the choices of each person in it.

Decide consciously. Decide who you will be and what you’ll put into the world. Because you’re in the soup with the rest of humanity.

And Elvis is watching. 😉

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