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Contracts From the Ether

The other day I did a reading for a woman who was very concerned. She had gone to a psychic and the psychic told her that suffering here on earth was part of her contract. The psychic told her that due to things she had done in previous lives, she had a contract to suffer while she was incarnated into this life.

The woman asked me if this was true, because she had suffered her whole life and if it was her karma to suffer then she would stop trying to be happy and just accept her fate.

My frustration peaked and my hands balled into fists. If I had been standing in front of that other psychic I would have given her a stern lecture.

No one comes here to suffer. No one.

No one comes here to live a life of pain, misery, and misfortune.

No one is fated or destined to have a horrible life.

You come here with every chance to live a happy life. You are gifted with free will so you can make decisions that will make you happy.

But what about people who incarnate into broken bodies? Or people who choose abusive parents? Didn’t they choose to suffer?

Some people experience hardships and challenges once they incarnate, yes, but no one is sent here with a contract to suffer. There is no ethereal decree that says “Jane will be born to abusive parents and the suffering will never end.”


But what about people who did horrible things in previous lives? Don’t they have to make amends for the suffering they caused others?

No they don’t. Understanding happens after you shed that life. Understanding happens in the ether, before this incarnation. Further understanding takes place in each incarnation.

But what about our higher self? Don’t we incarnate with a plan? With a purpose?

You incarnate with an intention. You incarnate with a desire, and that desire is encoded into your spiritual DNA so that when opportunities are presented to experience what you desire, you will feel drawn to them.

But even still, you are not required to do anything.

A woman I know from Singapore was told at birth that her astrological chart said she would never get married, and that she would be alone her entire life.

So she never got married. She never even tried to have a relationship, because she was told as a young child that it would go against her contract if she tried to get married or even be in love with someone.

I asked her if she wanted to love someone and be loved in return, and she replied, “yes very much. But I can’t go against my contract.”

We are not being controlled by unseen forces from the other side. The biggest gift we are given when we incarnate is free will. We are free to find happiness or misery in this life. We are free to walk a path of love and joy, or walk a path of pain and despair.

Life may seem unfair at times. Maybe it feels like someone up there doesn’t like you. But rest assured you are not being punished, controlled, or maneuvered into a horrible life.

The only contract you have is with yourself. You can make your life a heaven or you can make it a hell. It’s entirely up to you.

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