Will You See Your Loved Ones Again?

I got an email from a gal the other day who was very angry that I talk about life after death. According to her, when you die, you die. That’s it. Game over, end of story. You’re buried six feet under and become food for the worms. You disappear from the universe forever. No soul, no spirit, no consciousness.

So it really bothered her that I write about communicating with dead people. She felt it gave people false hope. She said that since there is no proof of life after death, there must not be anything after you die. She told me I should stop writing about something that doesn’t exist.

She also told me her mother had died recently and she couldn’t get past the idea that she would never see her mother again in any form. I sympathized with her plight. I wrote back to her one question:

“How do you know there is no life after death?”

She wrote back that she simply doesn’t believe it.

I asked her if she had any proof that there was no life after death, and she responded “Well, no, but there is no proof that there is any life after death either.”

I actually think there is more proof that there is life after death than there is proof that there isn’t, but that’s my belief, my experience, and my perspective. I knew that for her, who had never communicated with anyone after they’d died, that stating my own personal beliefs and experiences would be of no use. Until you’ve experienced communicating with the dead, you have no real proof, and it’s appropriate to wonder.

So I said this to her:
“If you believed there was life after death, would you be this upset?”

She said “No, if there was life after death and I knew it for sure, I wouldn’t be as upset about my mom passing because I know I would see her again.”

So I replied, “So without any evidence that there is life after death and without any evidence that there isn’t, why have you chosen to adopt the belief that is causing you more pain?”

She was quiet for a day. Then she wrote me this: “Look, Erin, I want to believe in life after death. I want to believe my mom is up there somewhere and that I’ll see her again, but I can’t. She’s gone. I’ll never see her again. And I can’t function knowing that.”

I wrote her one final reply. “You are consciously choosing to suffer then. You are adopting a belief that is causing you great emotional harm. Why not simply say to yourself, ‘I don’t know if there is life after death’ because that at least is a true and verifiable statement.”

She wrote back, “Hmm, I never thought of it that way. I guess when it comes down to it, I don’t know if I’ll ever see my mom again or not. It does take away some of the pain to simply say ‘I don’t know.’ I’ll try that for a while and see how I feel.”

Within a week she had written back to me and told me she had found some measure of comfort by adopting the “I don’t know” belief.

All of us walking around alive today wonder what happens when we die. Do we go on? Does our soul leave our body and go to some heavenly realm? Do we outlive our own bodies? Can our consciousness survive without a body?

I am firmly on the side of “we go on.” I’ve read for thousands of clients and have channeled hundreds of deceased people. I’ve astral projected more than a thousand times so I know our soul can live outside our bodies. I have every reason to believe in life after death. But maybe you haven’t had those experiences. And maybe you’ve adopted the belief that once you die that’s it.

If you’re in that camp, I invite you to adopt a new belief. The belief of “I don’t know. Maybe we go on, maybe we don’t.” I’ve seen from personal experience the heartache of those who feel permanently disconnected from their loved ones. It’s a pain no one should ever bear.

You will go through life more emotionally comfortable if you simply wonder what happens after death, rather than deciding in advance that there is nothing.

I also invite you to explore mediumship so you can communicate with those who have crossed over for yourself. The first time you communicate with a dead person you never knew in life, you will be amazed, and your beliefs will probably begin to change.

Be an explorer. Stay open minded. There is no need to suffer.

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