Do Spirit Guides Hang Out With Each Other?

Someone asked me the other day if guides just sit in the ether all day long, planning, plotting, nudging and maneuvering you, or if they ever get out and socialize with other beings.

I can’t offer you a complete accounting of how they spend their time, but I can tell you a little.

Spirit guides collaborate with other members of your posse, like your higher self, some angels, and some deceased loved ones. They check in, discuss, and make plans.

They also commune with the spirit guides of significant people in your life like your partner, children, or boss, etc to make sure everyone is in alignment with their intentions and how those intentions will impact others in your life.

So in that sense you could say they do hang out by collaborating on the total well being of you and the people you interact with.

But your guides are there to make sure your life is moving along the way you want it to. If other significant people in your life, like your spouse, have other intentions, then your partner’s guides are working with him or her to make that plan a reality, and sometimes that means a disconnect in your relationship.

Same thing happens with work. Your boss’s guides might think you’re an awesome person to have on the team, while your guides think another job might be more beneficial for you.

Some spirit guides are highly devoted to you at all times, while others pop in and out when they are needed. Being someone’s guide is a huge commitment and not taken lightly. Not everyone on the other side is qualified to be a guide.

So yes, guides do gather. Not for food, but to check in, plan and decide how to help you get what you desire. Periodically, it’s nice to send them a virtual fruit basket or hug to show your gratitude and thanks. They are working hard on your behalf.

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