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Keeping in Touch With Deceased Clients

Someone asked me on my Facebook wall whether I keep in touch with clients who have died since we had a connection while on Earth.

That’s an interesting question.

I don’t keep in touch with clients who have crossed over. In fact, I’m never aware they’ve died unless I’m actually told. Maybe they’re sending me a “hello” and I’m not aware of it, because when I’m not working I have to keep that part of me “turned off” so I’m not talking to spirits while grocery shopping.

But I have had continued contact with some deceased people who came to readings I did with their living loved ones. There have been a few, I can probably count them on one hand, who I’ve connected with during readings who are just absolutely interesting “people” to talk to.

In some cases, even when the reading is over, I’ve continued the conversation for a few minutes because their energy was so open and communicative.

I don’t hang on longer than a few minutes though. It’s too hard to maintain that connection for too long, especially if I don’t have a personal connection to them.

Also, I’ve done some readings for living clients whose deceased loved ones have come through multiple readings. There are some deceased energies that are very adept at communicating with a medium, so if I’ve been able to connect with them during a reading, chances are excellent I’ll be able to connect with them again during another reading.

I do communicate with my own deceased loved ones on a semi-regular basis. But I’ve got them on “speed-dial” as it were.

Good question though. You can tune in to your own loved ones and check in with them whenever you want, assuming they are willing to connect with you. They are not gone forever.

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