Becoming a Great Psychic

Someone asked me on my Facebook wall how I became so good at being a professional intuitive. She asked if it was just practice or some innate talent.

I would say it’s a combination of the following: practice, commitment, and desire.

Just like any profession, you are going to get good the more you practice. Think of the medical student who performs his first intubation. Then imagine him doing an intubation 30 years later. Chances are his 3,000th intubation went more smoothly than his first.

Think of the first time you tried to walk when you were a baby and think about how good you are at it now. Practice and perseverance will teach you tons! Before I went into practice as a professional intuitive I had been using intuition in my own life for 36 years, and before I started charging for readings I did 120 practice readings first.

Today I’ve done thousands of readings for people all over the world.

Now let’s talk about commitment. Once I became a professional intuitive, I would devote many hours per day to learning the craft and getting even better at it. That meant trying new techniques to tune in, learning to connect faster, learning to channel information from other beings in the ether, and meditating for longer periods of time.

Without commitment, you can be very talented but still not get anywhere. For example, you might have a natural talent at playing the piano, but if you are not committed to getting better, you won’t really move ahead. You’ll never try playing harder pieces, you won’t challenge yourself.

I shut down 3 other businesses in order to this work full time. I burned the boats behind me and got busy being a professional intuitive.

And lastly, desire. I love this work. I love helping people. And I love connecting with spirit guides. It’s like magic to me. I love talking to deceased loved ones and experiencing the healing that happens for those still here.

Imagine if you had natural talent at playing the piano and your parents forced you to play for 3 hours a day, you’d expect to become very good at it. But desire is the fuel that keeps you going. If you love it, you’ll keep doing it whether someone is forcing you or not.

The reason I’m here, doing what I do, is because I love it, and I’ve taken the time to master my craft. Anyone can do the same thing I’ve done. Even if you didn’t start out with natural talent, if you practice, commit, and have the desire, you can be a professional intuitive or anything else you set your mind to.

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