Can a psychic predict a pregnancy?

Is it possible for a psychic to accurately predict whether you will have a child and when it will be born?

Many of my clients ask me variations on the question “Will I get pregnant and when?” But a better question to ask the psychic is, “Is it intended that I have a baby and what do I need to do to ensure I get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child?”

Sometimes there is an intention for you to have a baby. You’ve got a soul all lined up and waiting to call you mommy. A psychic can look and see if there is a child (or multiple children) intending to be born to you. So that’s one question you could ask and get a reliable answer: “Is there a child intending to come to me?”

If the answer is “no” that doesn’t mean you won’t have a baby. It just means there is no specific soul floating around you ready to incarnate. It means if you put out the intention to bring a child into this world, your guides will work with other guides to find a spirit willing and ready to incarnate through you. And that might happen quickly or it might take years.

Which brings us to the next question you might want to ask: “What do I need to do in my life to make it desirable for a child to choose to incarnate to me?” There might be a soul wanting dearly to incarnate through you but it’s waiting for something. Maybe it’s waiting for you to have financial stability. Maybe its waiting to see if your relationship is strong enough. Maybe it’s waiting for you to quit smoking or drinking. Could be anything. But sometimes a child will wait until the conditions are more suitable for its arrival.

So asking the psychic that question can bring about really great information you can use to increase your chances of having a baby.

And lastly, you might want to ask the psychic how a pregnancy will most likely be achieved, because sometimes just having unprotected sex isn’t enough. The guides can see if there are any physical issues with you or your partner that would physically prevent the creation of a vessel for the infant. In other words, if the sperm isn’t swimming or the uterus isn’t open for business, then even if a child wants to incarnate, it may be unable to do so. If you and your partner are unable to create the vessel, the child can’t incarnate.

So a psychic can tell you if there are any physical blocks to getting pregnant and what you might have to do to overcome them. This might involve fertility treatments or even looking at surrogacy options.

But the more information you have, the better. I’ve done countless readings for people who deeply desired a child. In some cases I could see a child spirit hovering over a couple who were ready and able to have a child. If I wanted to make a prediction, I’d bet on them having a child fairly quickly through natural means. But I’m not in the prediction business, so they were simply told that all factors were excellent for them becoming parents and to get busy getting busy.

I’ve also done readings where I could see the partners were on the verge of a breakup and the child floating around them was like, “Hell no, I’m not incarnating into that hot mess.” In those cases, the client received guidance on what to do to repair the relationship or to find a new partner that would be a better match for the child coming along.

As you can see, asking the question, “Will I have a baby and when?” is not necessarily cut and dried. Be open to hearing what the psychic has to say on the whole matter. You need all the information so you know what to do to increase your chances of having a child. It’s all about timing, intention, conditions, and physical capabilities, and you need to know exactly what you’re facing so you can stack the deck in your favor.

If you’re trying to determine whether attracting a child into your life is a good match for your path, you can book a reading with me and we’ll see.

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