Stop Saying You Aren’t Psychic, Because You Are

Psychic abilities are not super powers. They are inherent abilities you are born with. You just may not realize you have them.

When you say “I don’t have any psychic abilities” it’s like saying, “I don’t have any muscles.”

Maybe you can’t bench press the Empire State Building, but trust me, you have psychic muscles. They might be weak and flabby, but they are there.

If you work out your psychic muscles they will grow. Let me introduce you to the dormant psychic muscles in your system.

Gut feelings
Gut feelings are a form of psychic ability. When you have a strong feeling about a situation, a person, or an event, where do you think you’re getting that? It’s not coming from logic. You’re using your intuition.

When you just know something is going to happen and then it does, that’s a psychic occurrence. When I was a child and the phone rang I would tell my mom who was calling before she picked up the phone. I just knew. If you’ve ever done something like that, you are using psychic abilities.

“I just kept seeing us broken down on the side of the road and here we are with a flat tire.” That’s a vision. If you have clairvoyant tendencies you may see visions of things that are about to happen. This is also a premonition but it comes visually in your mind’s eye.

When you can sense a disturbance in the emotional state of someone, you are picking up on their broadcast. I’m not talking about when you see someone crying and you know they are upset. That’s logic. I’m talking about when your friend is acting like everything is fine and you just feel them crumbling inside, that’s empathy, and that’s an intuitive gift. If you think “Oh everyone has that ability” you’d be wrong. Some people can’t tell squat about someone’s emotions.

The Little Voice
“That little voice in the back of my head told me to get my kid from school early and we made it home right before the earthquake hit.” Where do you think that little voice came from? Those are your spirit guides broadcasting in your head. Listen up! Listen often!

Have you ever dreamed something that subsequently came to pass? Where do you think that came from? How could you know what was going to happen using just logic and common sense? Dreams are a perfect platform for your guides to send you helpful messages. The better you are at dreaming, the more information you’re going to get. Practice lucid dreaming for best results.

Sometimes you just know something. You don’t know how you know, but you just know. This is claircognizance. It comes with its own sense of utter certainty, a certainty that cannot be denied. “Dude, how did you know she was going to be there?” “I don’t know, man, I just knew.” And she was.

Knowing Just What To Say
Have you ever been talking to someone who is going through a hard time and you get a sudden insight based on nothing they’ve said to you, but that provides them with just what they needed to hear to move forward or work through their problem? You are probably picking up on their spirit guides’ broadcast and relaying the information for them. Maybe you do that a lot. Maybe you’re the go to person for advice because you always seem to know just what to say to help someone. You’re an intuitive counselor in the making!

Building your psychic muscles takes time, energy, and focus. No doubt about it. But you can do it if you want to. But stop saying you aren’t psychic, because you are. I just know it. 😉

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