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Can you actually see dead people?

In the movie, The Sixth Sense, the little boy says the now-famous line, “I see dead people.” And in the movie he would see them with his physical eyes. They would scare him, and rightly so, jumping out at him in all their gruesome glory. But do mediums actually see dead people walking around among the living?

Some mediums can see dead people standing near their sitter during a reading. I believe that’s called physical mediumship. You can see them with your own physical eyes.

I, myself, am a mental medium. I only see deceased individuals in my mind’s eye, which is right where I want them to be. I don’t mind telling you that I made a deal a very long time ago with my guides. “Don’t EVER let me see a dead person with my physical eyes. I will have a heart attack on the spot and then there will be two dead people.”

So far that has worked out very well for me. I don’t see ghosts walking around the grocery store, the mall, or in my bedroom at night. Worst case for me is they will come to me in a dream, which I’m okay with.

Is there any real benefit to seeing the deceased person physically? I would say yes, there is an advantage to being able to see them with your eyeballs. It’s easier to trust what you’re seeing because you’re accustomed to trusting what you see with your eyes in your normal daily life.

When you are a mental medium, the deceased person comes to you on the same channel as your imagination comes to you. So there needs to be an extra component of certainty that is downloaded with the impression so you know it’s an actual deceased loved one and not your imagination.

Practiced mediums have no difficulty distinguishing a real projection from an imagined one, so that’s not a problem. But if you’re new to mediumship, it can be difficult to trust the images you’re seeing in your mind’s eye. The best way to know if it’s real is to read for people you don’t know. If you’re getting accurate information then you know it’s not your imagination.

You can also use your clair abilities to gather information to pass on to a client that will help validate the presence of the spirit.

So what does it mean if you see a ghost? Are you a medium? Usually if someone sees an apparition, it’s because the apparition is doing all the work. They are using considerable energy to manifest themselves onto our physical plane where someone with eyes could see them. Usually everyone in the same room can see the same ghost. So that’s not mediumship per se. You’re merely witnessing a physical manifestation of an energetic being.

That doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with it. You can tune in to its energy and talk to it and find out its story and maybe help it cross over if it’s willing.

So in summary, mediums do SEE dead people, but most mediums see them safely contained in their minds. To those who see them with their physical eyes, I salute you. You’re braver than I am. 🙂

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