6 Ways Guides Try to Get Your Attention

Up in the ether on another plane of existence are a small group of conscious energies trying to help you navigate the maze of your life. They are your spirit guides. These non-corporeal beings were selected by your higher self before you were born.

It is your spirit guides’ responsibility to help nudge you in a direction that will make you happy and fulfilled, while at the same time providing you with growth opportunities, and chances to play on all the equipment in the playground of life.

Sometimes it’s easy for them because you remember what you intended to do in this life and are moving with great alacrity towards your goals.

And sometimes it’s difficult for them, as you stubbornly refuse to move forward, preferring instead to bang your precious corporeal head against the brick wall of life.

But they persevere. That’s their job. And they have some very creative and interesting ways to get your attention.

Here are 6 ways your guides might be trying to get your attention. Listen up.

You Lost Your Job
Did you recently get fired or laid off? That may be because you were in a job that was not leading you down the path of your higher intention. Since you didn’t quit, it’s possible your guides maneuvered things a bit, or nudged a person here or there, so that your services would no longer be required.

This may seem devastating. In fact, it might be quite devastating to your finances. But chances are good you didn’t like the job anyway and this is an opportunity to do something else. Find out what that is, and you’ll see the lay off as a blessing and a catalyst for greater things.

But what if you loved your job? Maybe it means it’s time to strike out on your own and open your own business. No matter the circumstance, use the opportunity to tune in to your higher self and figure out where you really want to go next. Then go there quickly.

Your Love Life Took a Turn for the Worse
Did you get dumped? Did you see it coming? Sometimes we get ourselves into relationships that don’t serve our highest good. Or we end up in relationships that started out great but change us into something we don’t want to be. Or we simply lose compatibility.

Your guides hear your cries for help even when you don’t realize you’re making them. If you’re in a relationship that is stopping you from moving on your desired path, sometimes your guides will nudge it to the point of a break-up. You can see this as a blessing and an opportunity. Or you can see it as a huge loss. It might be both.

Try to see the good if it does happen. Before you try clawing your way back to the way things used to be with promises to change, ask yourself if perhaps the break up is for the best. It hurts to lose something you’re clinging to, but it often hurts us more to hang on to something that isn’t serving us well.

You Have an Accident
I’ve seen this happen to people. Like the time my boyfriend broke his ankle and the x-ray showed a bone tumor he never would have known about without breaking his ankle. Or a friend of mine who took a tumble off her bike and ended up with a concussion who found out in the hospital that she was in the early stages of kidney cancer. They caught it early and she’s fine.

Sometimes life isn’t out to get you, it’s out to help you. Maybe breaking your leg was designed to help you see who your real friends are. Maybe the motorcycle accident ended up putting you in a safer vehicle. Maybe tripping and falling in front of a crowd of people taught you to stop texting while walking.

If you have an accident, ask yourself what’s good about it. Maybe the downtime, lesson, or experience was necessary. Investigate and see what positive results come of it.

Running Into the Same Person Over and Over
Your guides aren’t always trying to cause you pain. Sometimes they try to get your attention in obviously positive ways. Have you ever run into the same stranger over and over again in weird locations? If he or she isn’t a stalker, your guides might be trying to get you two to notice each other. Always follow up on those strange meetings.

I had a client who ran into the same guy every day for five days in a row. In the lobby of a doctor’s office, at a coffee kiosk, in a mall, and twice near her work location. She wanted to know if it was a sign. Yes, that’s a sign! But you have to investigate it and not assume you know what it means. Could be the beginning of a relationship, or maybe he’s a long lost acquaintance from grade school, or maybe he’s the doctor that’s going to diagnose your illness.

Having a Recurring Dream
Your guides are masters at sending you information and insight in your dreams, but do you remember your dreams? Do you pay attention and interpret your dreams every morning? Sometimes your guides will send you the same dream over and over again because it’s a great way to get your attention.

One time, in college, I remember having the same dream all night. The first time the dream seemed to span about 5 minutes. I woke up and when I went back to sleep the dream started again from the beginning and went for about 7 minutes. Woke up again and went back to sleep and the dream started over and went for about 10 minutes. This happened 5 times until I got the whole story. I was so affected by the dream I actually went to talk to my psychology professor in college and she helped me figure out how it was related to a deep fear I was carrying. I wouldn’t have gone to her for help if I’d only had the dream once.

Sometimes your guides will send nightmares because we remember those more easily. Analyze your dreams when you feel like something really important just came through.

Recurring Threads or Themes
Sometimes the signs come in different ways but they all add up to one thing. Like maybe you watch the Wizard of Oz on television, and the next day you’re driving behind a car whose license plate is “Tin Man” and that night you are introduced to a cardiologist at a fundraiser, and then your friend gives you a heart shaped locket. If you’re paying attention, you might notice all these things have to do with your heart. Look into it more fully and ask yourself if there could be something going on with your heart or your love life.

In Summary
Your guides aren’t trying to control you, they’re trying to help you. As you stumble along, seemingly blind to the pitfalls in front of you or all around you, their job is to simply make you aware of what’s not working and to light up a path that will work better for you.

The faster you see it, the better, but you don’t ever have to be guided by your guides. They will keep working for you though, because your higher self asked them to keep you headed in the direction of your divine intentions. Look for the signs, look for the blessings in seeming tragedy.

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