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Interview Erin: Questions by Lim Ken Feng

These interview questions were submitted by Lim Ken Feng.

We know that twins or triplets have the same physical makeups but what about their spiritual makeups? Or are twins souls that have just split in half?

All people who incarnate have their own soul. No one’s souls have been split or combined. It is the parents’ physical bodies and DNA that create the physical bodies and DNA that souls can then inhabit. If there are two souls who want to incarnate to the same parents at the same time, the female will have twins. Sometimes two bodies will be created but there is only one soul wishing to incarnate. In this case, one baby will die in utero unless a spirit can be found who wishes to use it. Each soul incarnates with it’s own spiritual make-up and intentions.

When I was dreaming I suddenly became aware that I was dreaming. The scene switched from me being in my own school to me being in the pitch black darkness. My entire body became tingly and my dream environment all slowly turns pitch black. How did that happen? And how do I prevent that? I don’t lucid dream very often and I was kind of disappointed when I woke up from my dream feeling tingly. Did I accidentally astral project?

Yes sometimes when you become lucid in your dream it can lead to an astral projection experience. You woke up in your room, felt the tingling sensation that is indicative of astral projection, and then you were free to escape your body. But a lot of people don’t realize they are astrally separated so they just sit in their bodies when this happens. If you had sat up or stretched up and out, you would have gone astral and seen your body on the bed.

Do angels start hovering around a bit when you call them suddenly? How many angels will appear when you call them?

Angels tend to come when you are going through an emotional trauma, when you need support, or when you need protection. If you call to them, they will come. As to how many, it depends on what’s needed. Often one is plenty. If you’re battling something pretty hairy, more may come to your aid.

What form of communication do spirit guides like to use? Do they really try to talk to us if we talk to them in our heads? Will their voice sound the same as my own voice or different? Should we talk to them out loud or in our heads?

Spirit guides do seem to prefer one or more of the clairs. I have communicated with thousands of them and I realized along the way that they have their stronger clair abilities just like we do. So some of them will be more comfortable sending you a gut feeling while others will send you images or talk to you in your head. Whether you speak to them in your mind or with your voice out loud doesn’t matter. They can receive the energy either way 🙂

Can an object contain positive energy or negative energy? And if you keep the object that has an energy, how will it effect you and which object are most likely to have that? And can you actually fill the object with any kind of energy you want? Does the energy decay?

You can indeed infuse an object with energy, either positive or negative. Objects can pick up your emotional residue. This is how psychometrists can glean information when they hold an object that belonged to someone else. I’m not sure if some objects have a stronger capacity to hold energy than others. But I would say that the more time you spent with the object, the more energy it will hold. And yes, I believe the energy will decay over time if the owner is no longer attached to it.

Can some of your past life wisdom be transferred to your present life? Is it possible that you can carry some skills or knowledge from your past life into the present during reincarnation?

Yes, this happens all the time. People who were masters at a craft or skill in a previous life will often find themselves easily able to master it in their present life. Looking at what you’re really good at is often a good clue as to what you may have mastered in another life.

Have you ever tried to astral project into the Bermuda Triangle? Did you find anything strange?

I do recall an experience where I was astral and said, “Hey, I’d like to visit the Bermuda Triangle” for the very purpose of seeing what all the fuss was about. I remember zooming along very quickly, and then coming upon a swirling vortex of energy. It was like running into a hurricane. I couldn’t penetrate the area. At the same time, I also felt that I could have gotten into the area a different way by adjusting my vibration, coming at it from the past instead of the present, or asking for more help from my guides. But at the time, I was energetically repelled from it and left it alone.

I want to set up some spiritual protection. Are there any simple ways to do it?

Your best spiritual protection is your vibration. Stay in a happy, joyful, grateful, compassionate vibration and there is very little that will bother you. I also like to say a little prayer at night, asking for protection when I feel a little down. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help when you need it.

Divination tools – do they really help?

If you ask the right questions and if you’re in the right vibration they can be very powerful and accurate tools. You want to be in that high vibration state before you use them. Connect with your guides or higher self first. Then ask “yes” or “no” questions. You must also know how the tool is set to respond. Read up on divination tools. They are a conduit for your guides to send you basic information. Just make sure you phrase your questions in a way that makes it easy for them to answer. Divination tools often don’t leave a lot of room for depth.

Can we determine how old our souls are? Or is that only possible for people like you?

It’s possible for anyone who can connect reliably with their guides, higher self, and posse on the other side. Give it a try next time you’re talking to them.

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