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Interview Erin: Questions by Storm Berg

Storm Berg is a young man who is very interested in the paranormal.

Can you influence your next life with the thoughts you have in your current life?

You’ll influence your next life with a combination of things:

  • Experiences you have here and now
  • Experiences you’ve had in previous lives
  • Intentions and goals you want to explore in your next life
  • Interactions you want to have with others who incarnate at the same time as you do

When you get back to the ether and merge with your higher self and the collective conscious, you’ll review your life and decide if and when you’ll incarnate again. If you do decide to incarnate again, you’ll set some intentions and goals, pull in some spirit guides willing to help you along, and pick some parents.

How many email messages do you get a day?

Luckily I’ve been able to cut down on the emails I get. Years ago I used to get 300 emails a week from readers. I just didn’t have time to answer them all. So I created a little FAQ with the most commonly asked questions, and posted their answers, so people get the answer I would have sent them anyway. So now I’d say I only get about 20 emails a week from readers.

What was your past life?

I can remember several past lives. But the ones I remember all ended tragically, and I believe there’s a reason that those are the ones I remember.

For the most part, we don’t need to know or remember our past lives while we are incarnated in this one. But sometimes there are strong emotional undercurrents from a past life that can infiltrate and affect this current life. Those past lives are easier to recall because there is some unprocessed pain associated with them that may bleed into this life, and they rise to the forefront of our consciousness.

I’ve had several past lives where I was murdered, suicided, or had a tragic accident. No fun.

Which dream do you cherish the most?

I am not sure if you’re asking about dreams you have at night or dreams you have in life. If the former, I cherish wholeheartedly my ability to lucid dream. I love being conscious in my dreams and I love having fun and action-oriented adventures in my dream. I love that during a lucid dream I can do anything I can imagine. And I can imagine quite a bit. 🙂

What are your thoughts about religion?

I see people who are positively affected by adopting religious beliefs and I see people who use religion to commit atrocities. I think people have the right to choose to believe whatever they desire. Truth is not an easy thing to discover, so I believe that adopting empowering beliefs that serve you and humanity are the way to go. Be kind, be courteous, be thoughtful and compassionate.

When did you decide to do readings for people?

I decided to do readings for people after I discovered I could tune in to other people’s guides and get information for them that would help them on their paths. I thought, “Oh man, this is awesome! I can get valuable information for other people!” I wrote about it in my blog and people encouraged me to start doing readings. I wasn’t really sure how to do a reading, at first, but my guides helped me figure it out. I practiced on many people first to make sure I knew what I was doing and that I was accurate, and then I opened up shop on June 6, 2006. I’ve been booked solid ever since. It’s extremely rewarding to be able to assist others on their journey!

What does your higher self do while you are incarnated?

Well mine drinks tea and eats cookies in my garden. 😉 No, but seriously, the higher self does what all other spirits do in the ether. Learn, interact, love, grow, experience, share, and commune. Also since time isn’t exactly linear, I believe the higher self is engaged with many lives, past, present, and future, all at the same time.

What is your higher self planning for your next life?

I don’t know, but that’s a great question. Let’s get through this one first, process the results, and see what happens next.

How many times do you recommend that someone astral projects?

As many as you want. I’ve projected more than a thousand times and I’m still kicking around. It’s safe if you do it correctly. You want to avoid projecting as a way to escape your life though, so if you’re feeling depressed, I don’t recommend using astral projection as an escape.

How is your business running?

Everything is going pretty well. I’m about 8.5 year into this business and enjoying it still. I’m working with a screenwriter on a movie which is super exciting. And I have plans to create online classes and write some more books. Not bored yet 🙂

Do you feel good sharing your knowledge with the world?

Yes it’s fulfilling and rewarding to get emails from people who have read my articles and have told me it’s helped them solve a problem or find peace. I always think that if I left this earthly plane tomorrow, I’d be proud of what I’ve left behind.

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