The Law of Attraction and Action

I was talking to an acquaintance recently who told me how excited he was to finally be pursuing his dream of becoming a life coach. He said, “Erin, I quit my boring programming job, I made a website, I read some books on how to be a great coach, and I even went to a seminar on how to attract clients. Then I sat back and waited, but no clients came to me. What am I doing wrong?”

I said, “You sat back and waited.”

He said, “No, I told you. I went to a seminar. I read books. I made a website.”

I said, “And what did you do the second week?”

He said, “Huh?”

I said, “When you run your own business, especially when you are self-employed and you offer a service, you can’t just sit back and wait for something to happen. Every single day you must work on your business.”

He replied, “But the website will sell them on my services.”

“How will they find your site? Are you seeding the search engines with articles? Are you networking with professionals who refer their clients to coaches? Are you practicing your coaching skills and getting testimonials from people who got great service from you? Are you speaking to small groups and explaining why coaching is so important? Are you writing articles or guest blogs? Do you have a newsletter list or an opt-in gift? What about an eBook?” I asked.

He said, “But the Law of Attraction says that if I just align myself in the proper vibration then my dreams and desires will manifest. I’ve told the universe I want clients, and now I’m waiting for the universe to bring me some. If I have to work at it every single day then how am I using the Law of Attraction?”

And therein lies the problem. A lot of people seem to have the idea that the Law of Attraction means if you wish for it, it will just come.

But unless a magic lamp has fallen into your lap from the sky and a genie has popped out and said “What are your three wishes, master?” then you actually have to take some action. Otherwise it’s like buying the best fishing pole in the world but never putting it in the water.

Your vibration is extremely important to your success, so I don’t want to minimize that. If you don’t truly desire an outcome, you won’t manifest it. If you don’t truly want to succeed at something, the energy will fizzle out and die. If you don’t remove your blocks and limiting beliefs about achieving your desires, you won’t get them. So that part of the Law of Attraction is true and extremely important.

But once you’ve gotten yourself into alignment with the desire you must take massive and sustained action. And if you’re truly in alignment with what you desire, then the actions you take will be pleasant, enjoyable, and keep you pumped. You’ll love getting up each day and working on them.

Each action you take that is in alignment with your desire will bring your desire closer.

When you are a vibrational match for your desire, you WILL experience what appears to be “good luck.” You will have opportunities “magically” drop into your lap. That’s attraction at work. But if you don’t follow up on those opportunities that’s lack of action.

When you are in alignment with your desires, you will find that creative and inspired ideas just flow easily and well. You’ll see things you couldn’t see before. You’ll recognize people who can assist you. But if you don’t take action, those ideas and people will slip past you.

The way to achieve your dreams is to marry the Law of Attraction with action. The two must go together for success.

If you feel very aligned with your path but you aren’t seeing the results you want, start asking yourself the following questions:

  • Am I taking action every day in alignment with my desire?
  • Am I spending enough time actively working to achieve my desire or am I just piddling around an hour a day and calling that “work?”
  • Are there any blocks I’m not aware of that could be preventing me from success?
  • Do I want the goal but not the work that comes with it?
  • Is there something tangible holding me back from success like paying bills, relationship issues, a health crisis, or huge responsibilities?
  • What will it mean if I actually get what I desire and am I willing to live with all that comes with it?

If all parts of your dream aren’t in alignment, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself. You will cancel your order with the universe. The universe will say, “Hmm, it sort of looks like he wants to be a coach but he’s spending his whole day doing yoga and chatting with friends on Facebook so now I’m not sure.”

Your actions tell the universe what you actually desire. So be honest with yourself and ask yourself what your current actions are telling the universe. Get real, then get busy.

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