Life on Purpose: Blare’s Story

Read Blare’s story of how she went from working 50 hours per week as a corporate drone to becoming a palm-reading librarian.

At the age of 25 I found myself in a place where I was not happy. I was working non-stop in an office job that I hated. I no longer cared about what I did, and honestly did not agree with the ethics of the company I worked for. I got the job directly after college, and worked hard endlessly, even though each day I found myself a little more depressed.

I also felt like I was completely disconnecting with who I was on the inside, ignoring a core part of myself. I was simply letting life happen to me instead of living my life.

I spent most of my time at work. I never saw my friends or family, and I was never proud of anything that came of my endless hours at the office. I don’t even have kids to support so I really had no excuse to be putting myself though this.

I kept pushing down my spirituality, ignoring myself, and neglecting my emotional well-being. Every person I met would tell me, “Stop working so hard, it’s not for your benefit, you’re going to burn yourself out.” The problem is that hard work is all I know. I work hard, period. The thing I realized is that they weren’t telling me to stop working hard. They were telling me to stop working hard at something I didn’t want to be doing. It took 4 years but one day it hit me… like a knock over the head.

I was standing in an hour-long line for breakfast waiting for a friend one day when in my head I heard a little voice tell me, “This chapter in your life is over. Move on.” I heard it loud and clear, but I ignored it. I understood it, but took no actions.

A few weeks later I heard it again, *knock, knock, knock* (upside the inside of my skull I presume) “Did you not hear me the first time? This chapter in your life is over. Move on. You are done learning.” I heard it, I really did I swear, but again I did nothing.

A few weeks later a friend told me that she had heard from an inside source that the company I worked for was shutting its doors. All of a sudden, at 10pm at night, after a few glasses of wine, I had to think really quickly about how I would support myself if the company closed. The company never actually closed, but having to sit there and figure out what I would do if this job ended was really atep one in moving on.

The problem was that after a few weeks my fear went away, and I got comfortable again. Then, sure enough, the company was sold. No one was safe. *knock knock* “Still here. Move on”.

I began to apply for jobs online and was offered a job at the library. The pay was less, but I was attending school and the schedule was PERFECT with my schooling. I wanted to take it. I really did… but I was scared to move off of a path I had been so comfortable on.

I called the library and declined the job offer. The moment I walked back inside my office my boss told me that the company was getting rid of all of our saved PTO and sick days and that we weren’t getting them back. *knock knock* “Wake up. This isn’t over. I mean it, move on.” That voice in my head is such a nag.

I called the library back and asked if I could still take the job. The lady on the phone told me that I had called just in time, she was about to call the next candidate.

I took the job and gave my 2 weeks. Later that day I went to the vending machine and got a canned tea. I don’t know what made me look at the bottom of the can to see the expiration date, but I did. The date on the bottom of the can was the starting date at my new job. *knock knock* “I put it in print this time, convinced?” Every time I ignored a sign, a bigger one came and knocked me in the head.

I quit my job and started doing things I wanted to do. Once I started paying attention to the signals that the universe was sending me I found myself on the right path.

I now work part-time at the library and part time at a spa which is a complete 180 – from corporate hell to peace and calm and actually earning about the same income. In a year I’ll be graduating with my B.A. in Psychology, then hopefully off to graduate school, and this summer I am going to Paris with my best friend.

I have started listening to my intuition, I connect with my spirit guides daily, and I have began reading palms and oracle cards. I find myself completely and utterly happy and at peace with myself. I’m finally tapping in to that spirit inside of me that I pushed down those 4 years.

I wake up every morning looking forward to my day instead of dreading it. I no longer let life control me, I now control my life.

Blare Briard is a 25 year old from Tampa, FL. Her goal in life is to be educated, surrounded by good people, and ultimately happy. Find her at

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