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Interview Erin: Questions by Sarah Catherine

These interview questions were submitted by Sarah Catherine. She says of herself, “I live in very non-spiritually awakened life, but am quite awake myself. As a result I tend to describe myself as being in a bit of a spiritual closest. I am fascinated about vibration and the non physical and how it affects our everyday life. But mostly I am passionate about life and making my own little positive dint in the world, how ever that turns out to be.”

Why do some people choose to spiritually awaken/ remember their true selves and others do not?

I think most people aren’t aware that there IS something to awaken to. If you don’t grow up with parents who make you aware that you are a spiritual being, and you don’t associate with friends who pursue spiritual growth, you may not even realize that you’ve forgotten where you came from. On the other hand, there is no law or requirement that anyone has to remember anything. When we’re dropped off here, we’re intact and not deficient spiritually. We’re allowed to have whatever type of existence we want, even if some people never become consciously aware of their existence along the way.

What can you do if you are having trouble hearing your guides using the four clairs?

It does take practice with each clair to really master it. I always recommend people play around with all of them until they find the one (or ones) that work best for them. Sometimes you might be quite proficient at one clair, say clairvoyance, but your guides are more proficient at clairaudience. So they are sending you words and you’re trying to them as images. You’ve got to keep practicing with them all to hit on the one that works best for you in each circumstance.

How can you learn to see chakras?

If you’re clairvoyant you can ask your guides to show you a metaphorical image of what’s going on in each chakra. For example, if you’re looking at your root chakra, which is where we have security, stability and abundance, you can ask your guides to show you what’s going on there. Maybe you see a sun going supernova (that’s good). Or maybe you see a candle struggling to stay lit in a rainstorm (probably not so good).

In addition, with clairvoyance, you can sometimes see what the chakra looks like. Is it big, red and expanding (that’s good) or is it closing up and becoming a pinprick of light (not good)? You can use your other clairs to get information about your chakras as well.

Do you see only the traditional 7 chakras or something of the other theories of 12 and 13?

I only look for the traditional 7 chakras. I am sure there are other practitioners who do a deeper assessment of the other chakras. In my work, the seven main chakras serve as a diagnostic tool for me, telling me what my clients are experiencing in each area of their lives.

When we experience a particular vibration from someone, how can we identify it and what it means? Not just vibrations specific to psychic attacks.

I think experience will begin to tell you what they are broadcasting. We can usually detect obvious vibrations like anger, fear, sadness, or joy. There are more subtle energies you can pick up on if you tune in very closely. Psychics can tune in to a person’s energy and not just pick up on their dominant emotional state, but the circumstances and reasons behind it. So not just that they are angry but why they are angry.

When we are new to awakening how do we know which energies are our guides and of high intent or energies that are not?

Your guides’ messages will always be helpful, positive, encouraging and motivating. They should leave you feeling pumped with energy, or filled with insight into yourself. The advice and messages you get will be helpful and pleasant.

If it’s a lower vibrational being communicating with you, the messages tend to be fear based. So if you’re hearing messages that make you feel sad, ashamed, angry, or scared, those are not coming from your guides.

How can you check in on your vibration? How can we be sure what our vibration is attracting both in the physical realm and non-physical?

You’ll be able to tell by the experiences you’re having. If the experiences make you feel good inside, you’re attracting at a positive and high vibration. If the experiences put you in a state of shame, guilt, fear, sadness, anxiety or anger, then your vibration is low.

Bear in mind that people pop in and out of high and low vibrations all the time. It takes a very special person to remain in a high vibration ALL the time. We’re human. But if you find yourself in the lower vibrations MOST of the time, then you want to find a way to alter your course and your vibration so you can feel better.

How do we know what we are a vibrational match to, before it shows up in a negative impact?

Great question. Sometimes people think they are a vibrational match for something positive but they attract a seemingly negative experience. Sometimes that “negative” experience is actually a blessing but you can’t see it right away. And sometimes the negative experience is there to provide you with contrast so you can get even more clear about what you want and do not want in your life.

Developing good coping skills is important so you can tolerate the course corrections in your life.

How do we know a loved one who has passed hasn’t already incarnated into a new human experience when trying to connect with them?

You can always connect with their higher self even if they have already re-incarnated. Sometimes spirits choose not to speak to us even if they are available, so bear that in mind as well. I’ve got a really chatty deceased paternal grandfather but my maternal grandfather doesn’t come through hardly at all.

What advice do you have for couples where the spiritually awakened person is wanting to avoid living in the spiritual closet but also knows any information regarding this topic would not be openly received at this time?

I think it’s really important to be true to yourself and your beliefs. If your partner wouldn’t like you anymore because of who you’ve become, you may have lost your compatibility. If your partner can accept that you are different or have new beliefs then the relationship can still be healthy.

You’ve got to ask yourself if you want to be with someone who wouldn’t accept you the way you are. At the same time, you can try to gently express and explain your thoughts and viewpoints without expecting or needing them to change or “awaken” themselves. If you want to be accepted as you are, you must be willing to accept them as they are.

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