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Interview Erin: Questions by Rita Giannis

These interview questions were submitted by Rita Giannis, a 40-something year old mother from Sydney, Australia. She loves anything to do with what happens on the other side and why it is we choose this particular life.

Are you likely to always choose a similar life every time you reincarnate, e.g. if you came from a comfortable life in America, would it be less likely for you to choose to come back as a starving child in a drought stricken country in Africa?

No, actually you will more than likely choose a life style that is different than the one you’re experiencing now. The soul is not afraid of harsh conditions. The higher self desires certain experiences and certain opportunities, so it will sift through likelihoods and jump into a situation it thinks will best allow it to discover and fulfill its life intention.

If you have a premonition that something horrible is going to happen like a suicide, is it your duty to intervene? If you didn’t intervene and the unthinkable happened, how could you justify not feeling guilty?

No one has a duty to do anything, there are simply choices and consequences. If you got a strong premonition and you decided not to act on it, and then something you deem negative happens that you think you could have prevented, then you might choose to feel guilty. But you are never responsible for the free will choices of another human being. How many parents out there can see when their stubborn child is going to get themselves in trouble yet are powerless to stop it? You can feel sad, you can feel angry, you can even feel guilty if you desire, but you are still not responsible for the actions of a grown adult.

If you believe that earthbound spirits cannot harm you, then why do some people (me) have a deep fear of physically seeing one?

I think it’s mainly the shock value that makes people afraid. Most people on the planet don’t see ghosts on a regular basis as they aren’t part of our natural daily living. So if we were to suddenly see a ghost it could be extremely shocking and unsettling. But if it kept happening you might very well get used to it.

There seems to be a lot of constant negativity with terrorism in the press lately. Is there anything that we can do that will make a change? For example, our thoughts, prayers etc. Will it work?

The press mainly reports on what’s going wrong in the world because that’s what people tune in to see. But if you think about it, there are billions of people every day who are NOT being killed by terrorists. We have to keep our perspective. But I understand what you’re saying, which is what can we do to make the world a better place? For that I would say keep your own vibration high, as it will spill over to others, and the ripple effect will eventually reach where it needs to go. Be in the state of gratitude, compassion, joy and love as often as you can. That will help.

If you see something such as violence against a child or animal, is it ok to intervene with as much force as you have? Even if that adrenaline fueled act causes the perpetrator bodily harm? After all, for you to be able to defend the victim you have to bring up some very strong negative feelings.

It is okay to do anything you desire as long as you are willing to accept the natural consequences of your actions. If you feel you must intervene, then intervene. There is no judgment for taking an action that is in alignment with your character. But you must also be willing to endure any consequence that comes of your actions, whether you stay silent or act.

Do crystal pendulums really provide yes or no answers to your questions? If you get an answer, where does that answer come from, you, your guides, source or a breeze in the room?

Yes, crystal pendulums really can be used as divining tools. You would want to meditate yourself into a high vibration first, then ask your guides to give you the answers to your questions. A breeze won’t be strong enough to consistently move a pendulum, unless you’re in a hurricane. So create the best conditions for your session, get to a high vibration, then ask your questions. Some people are better at this than others, so don’t feel bad if it takes some practice.

If your cells can really hold memories of past lives, can hypnosis heal those memories if they are plaguing you in this life?

Hypnosis is a great tool to help you explore your past lives, and yes, you can receive healing if you’ve got past life issues that plague you.

Do you receive any huge messages about the future such as how they will eventually cure cancer or if there will be a major mother earth event? Do you get messages from your guides about those sorts of details?

I’ve had long conversations with my guides about “the future.” But the future is not written in stone so any information I get represents one possible future. I can see trajectories, but we as a people encompass so many free wills that it’s hard to say where the ball will land. It’s like looking at a roulette wheel. We could all land on 29 or 11. Black or red. Too many options to accurately predict what will happen for sure.

Do you believe in soul groups and do they always stay the same? Is it possible for you to not particularly like someone in your soul group? Can you dislike someone on the “other side” or is that a purely human emotion?

I do believe there are soul connections and people do run into many of the souls in that soul group while incarnated. But new connections are always being made. Add to that the fact that in the end we are all One, and you begin to see that any soul is part of your soul group. It’s just that there are some people who will seem more familiar to you or closer to you than others. As for liking and disliking someone, that’s largely a human emotion and doesn’t come into play on the other side. It would be like your index finger hating your thumb. Eventually you realize you’re all connected and hating is not really possible.

I remember a psychic once telling me you should always use the name you were born with. Does that sound right?

No. Names are a human invention that serve us in the physical world. Go with whatever feels right to you. You can not harm yourself energetically by changing your name.

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