Intuitive Reading Case Study: Nancy Nelson

Readers have requested hearing about some of the readings I’ve done over the years. Rather than share intimate details of a client’s reading, I’ve opened the blog up to those who wish to submit their own story. My goal with these is to help you see what can happen when you trust your guides and go with the flow. Enjoy!

Here is Nancy’s Story:

I contacted Erin in 2009 when I was in the middle of a spiritual awakening and feeling quite alone. I didn’t feel like I could talk to my friends and colleagues about it because I worked for a rather buttoned-down government agency. In my reading, Erin provided me with very accurate insights on where I was in life and the possible paths I could take – I found it both useful and re-assuring. When there were a few minutes remaining at the end of my session, Erin asked if I had any final questions. I asked about how to best continue my spiritual development. She was quiet for a few moments; the discussion then went like this:

Erin: “Your guides want you to take a class.”

Me: “I did take one, but I wasn’t really comfortable with it. There was a long lecture about the different realms and how dead peoples’ souls live in a dimension that is exactly three feet above the earth. It all seemed rather contrived.”

Erin: “You should find a different class – one that doesn’t have a specific theology or other type of belief system attached to it.”

Me: “Okay.”

Erin: “And your guides say you should look for a pyramid and an Egyptian eye.”

Me (confused): “Like on a dollar bill?”

Erin: “It’s nothing to do with money; you need to look for them.”

Me (still confused, but not wanting to make a fuss): “Okay.”

Several weeks later I was in the library browsing through books and I came across a reference to The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Faber, Virginia – just a three-hour drive from where I was living. I looked TMI up online and found out it was dedicated to facilitating the experience and exploration of human consciousness. There were no specific theological positions or belief structures required – only the belief that you are more than your physical body. There were several classes offered and it seemed ideal. However the classes required you to live on-campus during their six-day duration – I wasn’t sure I wanted to use all my annual leave on a class – and were all very expensive. As a practical, frugal person, this was very much against my nature.

A couple of months later I was still thinking about going to a class at TMI but couldn’t bring my-self to make a decision about spending so much money and using up all my annual leave. I had done a lot of research – I was fascinated to find out that when assigning people to its Star Gate program, the military sent new hires to attend a program at TMI as a sort of psychic boot camp. Then the movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats” came out. When I found out it was about a journalist investigating the military’s Star Gate program, I decided to see it.

At one point early on in the movie, the journalist travels to Iraq and runs across a man (played by George Clooney) who claims to be a psychic spy for the U.S. Army’s Star Gate program. The man then dramatically rips off his shirt to reveal….. a pyramid and an Egyptian eye tattooed on his chest!

I took the hint. I applied for annual leave, spent the money and took the introductory course at The Monroe Institute – as well as a couple of others in the following years. (Note: TMI was a good fit for me, but it’s not for everyone.) I also continued with my newfound practice of investing in myself by taking Erin’s “How To Be a Professional Intuitive” class in 2013.

I’m very thankful I ignored my frugal instincts to follow my guides’ advice and take all those classes. I learned how to reliably reach altered states of consciousness, and how to listen and trust my insight. What I learned in these classes helped me become better at being an intuitive counselor and a channel.

I recently retired and used what I learned to start my own online business. Every day I wake up happy to not have to put on a suit and commute to a job. Every day I wake up happy that I’m doing what I love.

About Nancy: After 25 years working as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service, I retired to do something completely different – I became a psi journalist and psychic intuitive with my own website. 

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