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Paranormal Experience: Signs from the Dead

This paranormal experience was submitted by Gloria:

In August of 2014, I discovered I was a medium when I came out from shopping to see my deceased father-in-law sitting in the front passenger seat of my car. When I saw him there I lost it! I was in shock and incoherent, crying, hyperventilating and extremely upset.

All my groceries fell to the ground, and people around me were asking if they could call 911 for me. I could not tell them that I had just seen a spirit! Visions of men in little white coats coming to take me away were in my mind. I finally reached my husband by phone and calmed down enough to get in the car and drive home.

I knew I had to discover what was happening to me, I could not be blindsided like that again. My daughter directed me to a shaman who explained that my father-in-law wanted to visit us the same weekend his wife (still living) was visiting us. And my father-in-law came to me because he knew my husband would not believe it himself.

After that, my husband and I were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in Greece the first week in September. I was still in denial, and not ready to explore this new world. The shaman told me I could set boundaries and decide when I was open to experiences. I decided to shut it all down until we returned from Greece.

Every night before I went to sleep I asked that nothing would happen to me the next day. It was working well until the day we actually arrived in Athens. With the 9 hour time difference, we were exhausted after dinner, and crashed in our hotel room. I was so tired I forgot to shut it down that night.

The next day, we went to the Acropolis. It is truly amazing, you enter and climb up to the Parthenon one way, and exit back down a different direction. So we were lost when we came down. My husband said “Pick a street-any street” and so I chose one and off we went.

At the end of the street there was an antique store. As we got closer, I saw a very large Blue Willow platter in the front window. I instantly felt my Mom there with me (she had passed in 2013) and saw her smiling and knew she had guided me down that street, to that store, and was traveling with us.

My mother had a prized set of Blue Willow china, and she gave it to me before she died. It was a very big deal in our family when she gave it to me. I use it every day. It was such a different experience this time, I was not shocked, but felt the love she had for us.

My father could fix anything-but his specialties were clocks and sewing machines. He had restored and given vintage Singer sewing machines to all the girls in the family. My dad had passed, too, so I hoped my Dad was traveling with us also.

I told him, and my husband, too, that he needed to show me a sewing machine so I could know he was there. We didn’t see anything on Saturday in Delphi, and the next day was Sunday. We had a lazy day exploring Athens, but did not see any sewing machines. I was thinking to myself, “Ok, Dad, maybe there aren’t any sewing machines in Athens or Delphi. Please just show me anything to do with sewing.”

We toured the New Acropolis Museum and I saw a bone sewing needle, but felt absolutely nothing. I thought that Dad must not be with us, and was very disappointed.

After dinner, things were closing up early, but one shop was still open as we walked back to the hotel. On a whim we went in and in the very back of the store was a vintage Singer sewing machine, exactly like the one my Dad had given me. My husband and I both saw it at the same time; our goose bumps had goose bumps! We could both feel the love, I could see my Dad laughing and saying “Of course I can show you a sewing machine.” That night, back in our room, my husband was looking through the drawers in the room and found a very small sewing kit. Once again, my Dad was instantly there and laughing. It was wonderful!

We took pictures before we came home because I was sure that no one would believe us. I had emailed all of this back to my daughter at home in DC.

When my father comes through, he is very loud and so strong, he overshadows my Mom. We were back home, looking at all the pictures we had taken, before we realized that the slightly out of focus picture we took of the sewing machine had Blue Willow plates sitting on the shelf underneath. I truly believe that Mom and Dad both had a blast vacationing with us in Greece.

These overwhelmingly positive experiences helped me open myself up and want to learn how to use my gift for others. I have had many more experiences now, to share with friends and family. I thank my Mom and Dad every day for showing me that this gift is not a burden, but a joy.

The shaman told me that, at the very least, I am meant to use my gift to comfort loved ones, and help them know love and peace. It is a privilege, and so much fun!

Erin’s Commentary:
Great story, Gloria. Seeing deceased loved ones spontaneously is more common than people think. Sometimes a deceased person can even overlay their energy on someone else who looks like them, catching your attention and making you think of them.

I also liked that you asked your father for a sign related to sewing. Sometimes the dead can fill those requests and sometimes they can’t. But always be on the look out for it. You’ll know it’s a real sign by how it makes you feel. For example getting chills down your spine or goosebumps on your arms. Or you’ll have a sudden and emotional reaction. Sometimes you’ll even smell their scent or perfume.

Great photos too!

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