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Interview Erin: Questions by Carlos Navarro

These interview questions were submitted by Carlos Navarro.

If our loved ones choose to reincarnate into a physical body, does that mean we won’t see them on the other side?

You will still be greeted by the energy and personality of the person you knew. Let’s use Grandma as an example. Grandma passes away and gets to the ether. She re-merges with her higher self, wherein lie all the other incarnations she’s ever had. She checks in on you periodically. One day, while you’re still alive, Grandma’s higher self decides it’s time to incarnate again. A new character is created and sent to earth.

Then you cross over. Where is Grandma? You will be greeted by her higher self wearing the persona you remember. You will be greeted by the energy you remember as Grandma, but it will really just be one aspect of the higher self that was at the Source of your Grandma. I hope that made sense. 🙂

How does communication take place in the ether? Can we use verbal communication or do we communicate using energy, such as thoughts or pictures?

You’ll communicate using energy. Since there is no physical body, there are no vocal cords. Nothing physical there at all. You’ll communicate with what would feel like telepathy to us, but is simply energy transfer or energy conveyance or emanation. When you feel or think something, it emanates out from you instantly and can be received by anyone you desire.

Do our spirit guides stay with us from birth to death, or are we constantly getting new guides?

Some guides stay with you from beginning to end. And some guides will pop in and out for special reasons or to help you with a specific task. Likewise, you’ll have some “part time” guides who are assisting you periodically while also assisting others.

Why don’t we remember our past lives? Is it something we chose not to remember when reincarnating?

Everything from your past lives is veiled from your consciousness so that you can start this life with freedom to explore from scratch. However, some past life traumas can affect what you feel and think in this life. Ultimately, all your lives connect up through your higher self, so if you tune in to your higher self (consciously or even unconsciously) you can glean some information about who you truly are and where you’ve been before.

For most people, there is no need to ever consciously remember your past lives. But if you’re suffering or are having difficulty with something in this life that is tied to a past life, then discovering what occurred in that past life can help you cope in this life. So I would say it’s one of those memories that are nice to have but not completely necessary to enjoy your life here.

Do souls have a gender?

No, not really. When I tune in to spirit guides during readings they come through with masculine or feminine energy or a combination of both. And when I tune in to someone’s higher self they will usually present in the same gender as the client I’m speaking with, but not always. It’s all about perception for them. It’s a lot easier for us to understand male and female energies than some amorphous energy with no gender, so they present to us physical folk in a manner we will understand. But there are no true genders on the other side at all.

Do souls ever die?

I would say no, not in the strictest sense of the word. But I believe a higher self could choose to be done incarnating and merge itself back into the Source collective. These compartments or ways of viewing beginnings and endings and boundaries aren’t really present on the other side, but it’s how our physical brains work here so often we speak in absolutes that don’t really exist on the other side. You’ll understand it more when you arrive.

Should we communicate with our higher self the same way we communicate with our spirit guides?

Yes, they receive and send information the same way. Use your dominant clair abilities for best results. Now, how you interact with your higher self and guides can be somewhat different. I tune in to my higher self when I want to remember or receive guidance on why I came here. I tune in to my spirit guides when I want to know the most practical way to achieve a goal that is aligned with my higher self’s purpose.

What does a soul look like? In other words, when we die, will our soul look the same as our physical body?

No, it won’t look the same, but you may perceive some activity on the other side the same way you perceive it here right now. Remember that on the other side we don’t have physical bodies. We are not seeing with eyeballs or hearing with eardrums. We’re perceiving energetically and using frequencies. It’s almost impossible to really understand it while we are incarnated into these third density bodies, but it will make perfect sense when you get to the other side.

After crossing over, is everyone given the option to reincarnate into a physical body?

Yes. Your higher self decides whether you will come back to Earth or not.

What happens to a baby that’s been killed by an abortion?

Since the soul has not yet gone through the incarnation process, it does not get the same “crossing over” experience that a soul would get if it had spent any time in a physical body. It simply steps back, reclaims its connection and determines if and when it will incarnate again. Sometimes a soul chooses to incarnate to the same family, and sometimes it chooses someone else, or it chooses not to incarnate. But it is safe, intact, and happy on the other side.

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