Interview Erin: Questions by Sofia Alana

These interview questions were submitted by Sofia Alana.

How do I know if something that happens in my life came through the Law of Attraction through my own thoughts or if I had a psychic premonition and then it came true?

Everything that comes through your life was manifested by your vibration. So in that sense, everything is Law of Attraction, which basically means that you were a vibrational match for it happening, so it did. When you have a premonition, you are receiving guidance from your spirit guides about something that is intended to happen and something that is on course to happen. So you attract with your vibration, and you detect it coming through your premonitions.

How can I approach someone if I am feeling their energy and I feel that they need help?

Try to find a way to get them to open up a bit or ask for help. If they are in obvious distress or actively seeking assistance, let them know you would like to help them. But if you sense empathically that someone is distressed, talk to them and see if they will open up to you.

When this happens to me, if I know the person well, I will just say, “Your energy appears a little distressed. Is there anything I can help you with?”

If it’s happening to a stranger, I can usually intuit what the difficulty is so I’ll open the conversation with a hint of that. “You look like a mom who’s worried about her child?” That’s usually enough to get the ball rolling.

Do you believe that we come here with pre-destined desires and passions?

I believe we come here with some pre-programmed intentions. Once we incarnate we consciously forget those intentions, but they’re wired into our spiritual DNA as I like to call it, and so you’ll have proclivities and urges towards certain activities or goals. Your passions are often a clue to your life intentions and sometimes they are a clue to your past lives.

Do you believe that supernatural abilities are inherited?

I do believe psychic abilities can be passed from parent to children. But I also think some of that is that parents who are very psychic tend to raise their kids with awareness of these abilities so the children appear naturally gifted. All humans have psychic abilities, but not all humans choose to focus on developing them.

Do you practice TM? What is your take on meditation?

I don’t do Transcendental Meditation but I know people who do and love it. When I meditate I like to go up into my (metaphorical) garden and talk to my higher self or spirit guides. Meditation is very relaxing and can help you achieve a higher vibration, feel more connected to Source, and allow you to solve problems, and relax. It’s good stuff!

Does yoga have anything to do with spirituality? If so, how does it help with your spirituality?

I don’t practice yoga myself, but my friends who do seem to really love it. I think you can bring spirituality into anything you’re doing. Things you love to do naturally bring you to a higher vibration.

If someone is giving off a very negative energy or vibration what can I do to protect myself from it?

You can remove yourself from the area, which will dissipate the energy.

You can refuse to engage in any drama they bring up.

You can cast your own high vibration at them and help them raise theirs, which would be a great use of a high vibration.

Has anyone called you a fraud. How do you deal with skeptics?

Yeah I’ve been called a fraud periodically, usually by people who have never met me and have never had any interaction with me. People walk around with all sorts of opinions and beliefs and that’s their business, not mine. If I make it my business, then I can’t do the business I’m in business to do. 😉 I give my focus and attention on those who understand what I do. The skeptics and bullies can do what they desire with their time and energy.

What are some characteristics of an empath? How can an empath grow their abilities?

Empaths can feel the energies other people are giving off. So if someone is feeling angry or sad or depressed or empowered, an empath can easily detect that energy.

Growing your abilities means opening up to your psychic abilities – your clairs – and learning how to get more information than just the person’s emotional state. You can use your empathy to detect when someone is in distress, but then use clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance to find out exactly what’s going on with the person. This is what I do as an intuitive counselor. I can tune in to someone’s spirit guides and find out what the person most needs to know to help them on their path. It’s a beautiful ability and one which I’ve spent years mastering, but it’s a great way to help others!

Did you watch the show Charmed? Is there any truth to any of it?

Yes I loved Charmed when it was on. There isn’t that much truth to it though. I haven’t seen “powers” manifest so physically before. And demons are not hot guys you want to go to bed with (Cole!). 😉 But it was a fun show regardless. 🙂

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