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There Are No Babies in Heaven

Recently I was doing a reading for a client who had lost her 9-month old child in a horrible accident. The pain this client was going through was very evident. She blamed herself. She was unable to function. She was unable to care for her other children because her grief was so consuming. She was losing her will to live.

Losing a child is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. It can unravel you to your core.

What exacerbated this woman’s torture was clear when she said, “Is there anyone taking care of my baby in Heaven? Or is he alone? I just can’t go on without knowing that someone is taking care of him.”

And I said to her, “There are no babies in Heaven.”

She stopped crying for a moment and said, “What? What do you mean?”

And I explained it to her like this…

When a soul incarnates, it has to enter this world in the body of a baby. But the soul itself is a fully grown, mature soul at all times. It’s just limited in its expression by being in a body of a baby.

When a baby dies, and its soul returns to the other side, it is not a baby. It reverts back to its fully grown, mature state.

Just like when an elderly person dies, they are not elderly on the other side.

When we slough off the physical shell, we are energetic souls with no age, no infirmity, no mental or physical disabilities.

There are no helpless babies on the other side. There is no soul that needs to be “taken care of” on the other side. Everyone there is intact and fully independent.

Before a person incarnates they are a fully aware, fully grown, fully mature soul who agrees to enter into the body of a baby so it can start its experience fresh. The body grows and develops, reaches maturity, and eventually ages. But the spirit is not affected by the age of the body.

My client stopped crying and said, “That makes sense. You have no idea what kind of comfort and relief you just gave me. I was imagining him being all helpless. Will I see him when I cross over?”

I replied, “Yes, but he won’t be a baby. He will be an energetic being and you will recognize his soul.”

She said, “Wow, I just never thought of it like that. But it makes sense.”

I said, “The same will be true when you meet up with your elderly parents on the other side. They won’t appear elderly to you at all.”

While our bodies do age, our souls are not subject to that same physical condition. We bounce around in these physical shells like astronauts in spacesuits, so we can experience this world and this density safely. But our true selves, our real essence, is energy and consciousness.

All of your loved ones are fully intact on the other side. When you imagine them helpless or hurting you are doing yourself and them a disservice. We are energetic beings having a human experience. When we die, we become conscious energy again. Remember this and it will ease your suffering.

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