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Interview Erin: Questions by Nerissa Martin

These interview questions were submitted by Nerissa J. Martin. Nerissa says, “In 2014 I decided to get back to basics: follow my intuition and rebuild my life from the ground up. But it hasn’t been easy. Since then I’ve gone from corporate life, to starting my own business, to working for a start­up in trying to find a place to land. Over the last couple years, Erin and her blog have helped me learn to listen to my intuition and own who I am as writer. My site:

For those of us getting lots of spiritual information from outside sources (you, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, etc.), it can be very easy to just memorize what we’re learning. How do we discern the voice of our Guides from all the information “out there” when a lot of stuff may sound similar? How do we know when we’re hearing Spirit authentically vs. imagining what we think Spirit would say based on what we’re studying and reading?

Reading, studying and learning from spiritual teachers is like receiving a map. It shows you where you can go to explore more. You explore based on what resonates with you. You follow the paths that seem interesting and those lead you to new places that may also be interesting. At all times on this journey, you must consult your own gut. Never blindly follow or accept what any person tells you unless it resonates with you or its a belief you want to adopt because it makes your life happier.

You’ll know you’re receiving true spiritual guidance by how it makes you feel. If it feels good and makes you happy, follow it. If it makes you uncomfortable, nervous, or upset, then discard it. Reality is built upon the pieces you allow into your puzzle.

If someone decides to go ahead with cleaning up their vibration, the initial stages could be difficult, especially if they don’t see the “big changes” happen as quickly as they may have hoped. After consciously raising their vibration, can a person use their own psychic abilities to get information on when/how and what they need to do to get the Big Things they want (ie. a new lover, job, clients, house, etc.)?

Yes, you can absolutely use your intuition to help you reach your goals and obtain the big things you want. Coming at it from as high a vibration as possible will help you achieve it all faster. What I recommend is to work on your overall vibration first because it will help you see avenues and roads you can’t see from the lower vibration. Once you’re at the higher vibration, you’ll see ways to obtain what you desire more quickly.

To raise your vibration, discard anything in your life that brings you down on a consistent basis, whether that’s your job, a relationship, a health problem, etc. Get yourself to a state that is more joyful than what you experienced before. One step at a time, remove the old, and incorporate the new vibration.

What if you start to feel really good but your dreams almost seem as if they’re stuck in depression or anger or fear? Is that a sign you still have work to do or should you take those dreams with a grain of salt?

As your vibration goes higher, your goals might actually change. So as you raise your vibration make sure you reconnect with those goals and see if it’s still what you want. Be open to changing your mind about your goals as your vibration goes higher. A dream should make you feel good and joyful.

Let’s say someone books a session with you and they’re in a place of depression or intense anxiety. Would the messages they receive from Spirit through you be any different than if they were in a vibration of hope or positive expectation?

No, not at all. When I do a session I am connecting with your higher self and your spirit guides. Your state won’t make a difference. In a way, I’m almost bypassing you anyway. I’m using your energy to establish the connection and then talking to them directly. Their messages are then relayed to you.

Many of my clients are depressed or anxious. That’s why a reading can be so helpful for them. I even read for suicidal people and their guides will tell them what they most need to hear in order to want to live again. It’s really powerful.

Is it inevitable that if you raise your vibration you’ll receive information from Spirit or intuitive guidance? In other words, can you receive guidance while feeling a little doubt or discouragement?

You can definitely connect to your guides properly and strongly even if you’re a little down or sad or anxious. Your connection to them is ever present and absolute. They know when you’re going through a tough time and that’s when they most want to connect with you.

Have you ever received information that has knocked you out of vibrational alignment? Like negative information about something you were hoping for or information about a loved one?

Not that I can recall. I’ve received information that surprised me a little, but information you receive from your guides will always be positive. Your guides are there to show you how to get out of the darkness or how to achieve your goals. Your guides are not there to tell you how horrible your life is going to be. They are there to make it better, so the information that comes through will be helpful. Now choosing to follow that guidance is up to you. They can lead the horse to water but can’t make him drink. 😉

In #7 of your Spiritual Truths series, you talked about what it means to hold what you want in your vibration. Can you describe how you held the vibration of something that you wanted and is in your life now? Like your business? How did you make what you wanted ‘normal’ for yourself?

I’ve done this a lot with income. When I want to increase my income I program my reality to believe that the higher income is normal. Like I would be shocked if I wasn’t making “X” dollars each month. That has worked really well for me. Selecting a reasonable goal is key. If you don’t believe you can achieve it, you won’t achieve it. Whatever you are trying to attract, it’s got to feel like you’ve already got it. You have to feel how you would feel if it was a normal part of your daily existence, not something extraordinary. Something normal.

It’s been said that we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. But anyone researching spiritual beings will find information on different types of beings. Are we all the same type of being or are some of us of a different type of spiritual beings than others? For example, I’ve been told I’m a lightworker, but aren’t we all lightworkers?

We all come from the same place, but people incarnate for different reasons. Some come to play in the sandbox, enjoying a vacation. Some come to reconstruct the sandbox, to make it better to play in. Some come to analyze the sandbox and get a closer view of what’s happening inside it. But we’re all the same beings.

A lightworker is someone who has chosen to serve humanity in this incarnation. They are no better or worse than someone who came here on “vacation.”

Do you have any television shows, radio programs, podcasts or movies you use to help you raise your vibration?

Music is my go to method of raising my vibration. I listen to relaxation or meditation music. And then I meditate and go talk to my guides. They always tell me something inspiring that helps me raise my vibration. I also watch comedians on YouTube. Or look at funny cat videos. Sometimes I’ll just play with one of my cats and that always keeps me centered and in the now so I’m not wallowing on something outside of my control. That usually resets me so I can think about how I want to proceed. 🙂

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