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Paranormal Experience: Helping a Spirit Cross Over

This paranormal experience was submitted by Jim at

A few weeks back I had a client in France who had been experiencing a very disturbing energy in her home. When she was in her bed something would hold her down on the bed as if someone was sitting on her and gripping her arms. No matter how hard she struggled it would not release her. This would last minutes and fill her with such a heavy fear that she began to sleep less and less.

Her partner emailed me and asked if we could set up a Skype healing to see if I could get rid of this energy in their home. It turned out that he had begun to experience this energy also, though his reaction was anger. They also shared that things were being moved around the house; mainly knick-knacks on a bookshelf.

When I went astrally to their home before the call, I found two separate energies; one a young woman whom it seemed was rearranging their home and another, much darker energy, which was shrouded in black. It felt as if the latter was holding the young woman’s energy there and was becoming more aggressive as my client became more fearful.

The day of the healing I called upon Archangel Michael and my guides to protect me, and prepared myself to confront and release both of these trapped souls. I used the Skype connection to go through into the home and begin the process of sending both souls home. As my clients sat upon their bed in the mountains in France, I separated the young woman from the dark soul and found that she had been murdered close to that location almost 170 years before, her body buried close by. Her murderer was the dark soul that lay hidden and aggressive in the home with her.

As Michael held the dark soul in the corner of the room, I called upon the light to open a tunnel for her to go home and to bring her parents, whom she was calling for, to come and receive her. Without the dark soul’s interference, it was easy to take her to her family and the crossing was wonderful and quick. It was time and she was ready.

As this crossing occurred, the woman who had been experiencing the attacks on her bed suddenly curled up and fell promptly to sleep. I told her partner to let her sleep through what was to come and went to the dark soul being held by Archangel Michael in the corner. I could finally see him, and was confused by the fact that he was dressed in green lederhosen. When I told the partner what I was seeing, he explained to me that that was the customary outfit for the men in this area of France in the mid-nineteenth century, and that a lot of the men had been guides for those coming to the mountains.

I began to talk with this soul and found that he believed that he was evil for what he had done, and he refused to leave this realm for fear of going to hell. I once again opened the light above him and asked for those souls that could help him cross to come and receive him. For an hour I explained that there was no hell and that he would be taken home. The grandmother and brother that had come, also told him this was true…that forgiveness was always ours, and another chance waited for him above. I saw his past and the horrible abuse that his father had inflicted upon him, and told him that I also had experienced this type of abuse and knew that it had the potential to change and damage a man beyond what he was.

For an hour he argued that I was trying to trick him into going to hell, but through all this he kept looking to his grandmother and brother. Finally he began to rise towards them, and as he came into the light he began to change into a little boy. The two family members wrapped themselves around this boy and gently led him away; led him home.

I’ve been receiving emails over the course of the last week letting me know that all spirit activity has stopped in the home, and that it felt wonderfully lighter there. Sometimes healing is for those that are stuck in this realm when home is where they belong. To me these are such wonderful opportunities to see that there is nothing we can do that can turn the Source from us and that even in death forgiveness and a new beginning are waiting patiently for us, just as it is in life.

Erin’s Commentary:

Great experience, Jim. Thank you for sharing the story. I too have had similar experiences with spirits who refuse to cross over because they fear judgment. I’m glad you were able to get through to this guy and help him release his fear.

When you are experiencing a low vibrational entity in your life or in your home, try to send them love, not fear. It will help them raise their vibration so that maybe they can see the light that is waiting for them.

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