Paranormal Experience: The Ouija Spirit

This paranormal experience was submitted by John:

This incident occurred sometime around 1969. I was 16 years old and living with my parents in Perth Western Australia.

I was visiting a friend who lived across the other side of the railway in the suburb of Midland and, as kids do, we were talking about doing a seance.

My friend wouldn’t do it but his mother and sister decided that we would give it a go.

We were using a Ouija board and had a candle in the middle of the table. It seemed to be working and we were in contact with a person who said that he was an old friend of the mother’s when she lived in the UK. She had no contact with this person for years. He told us that he had been killed in a car accident in the UK, something that my friends mother did not know.

Things were going along fine for a while and a few different spirits seemed to come through. I was seated in a chair with my back to the wall with the table in front of me.

My friend walked back into the room and his entering the room seemed to have an impact on what was happening.

At that moment I saw the candle flicker and I was thrown back in my chair and pinned against the wall. I had a feeling like something had passed through me and I was being held up against the wall. I was conscious and could see what was happening around me but couldn’t move or talk.

The other people in the room ran and got a wet flannel and put it on my face. At the time I was still pinned to the wall and felt like my arms were being held with my body and arms pinned and I couldn’t move.

When they washed my face I felt like I was released and fell back into the chair. I don’t know what it was or what caused me to be pinned back against the wall.

We packed up the Ouija board, and I have never tried anything like that since. After this incident my friend’s mother made inquiries in the UK about the person whose spirit came to us on that day and she found out that he had in fact passed away a couple of years before after having been involved in a car accident.

I am now in my 60’s and still intrigued by this experience and other things that have happened in my life.

Erin’s Commentary:

Wow, what an experience. For a spirit to have the energy to pin you to a wall is rare indeed. It was either the spirit of the mom’s friend who died in the car accident, or it could have been another entity that came through while you were contacting random spirits.

In either case, your friends were able to release its hold on you using the cool water, which is enough to get you reconnected to your body and in control once more. It also probably helped that they cared about you and were trying to help you.

When utilizing a Ouija board to make contact with the other side, it’s important to raise your vibration, ask for protection, and insist that only high vibrational spirits come through. There is nothing inherently wrong or evil about a Ouija board; it’s all how it’s utilized that matters. Just like any tool, it can be used in a good way or in a destructive way.

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