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Do ghosts seek justice?

You’ve probably seen it in the movies many times. A person is murdered and their ghost seeks revenge or justice. But is that how people really behave when they cross over? Is that what people want? Are there some souls who won’t cross over until they get justice? Are those the souls that haunt the living until justice is served?

In the last near-decade, I’ve encountered and communicated with many spirits who were murdered. In some cases I’ve even assisted law enforcement officials in finding the perpetrator or in finding the evidence that will solve the crime.

This is what I’ve encountered.

The vast majority of murder victims are more concerned with easing their loved ones’ sadness than making sure their murderer is found and punished.

In one case I worked on, the man was murdered by a couple as part of a love triangle. They hid his body in the desert. The murder victim was a lot more concerned with his family getting closure than he was in any punishment the two murderers would receive. He spent most of his time communicating to me where his body could be located. Once the body was found, the soul was at peace, even though there was a pending murder trial. Honestly, he didn’t care whether they went to jail or not. He had closure with his family.

In another case I worked on, a client came to me for a reading and his mother came through immediately. She was fired up and anxious to speak with me. She wanted me to make sure her son knew that she was murdered by her husband (the client’s father). Apparently there had been some question about her demise.

She told me she was choked and killed and then her body was burned in a barn. My client confirmed for me that his mother died in a barn fire and they always believed it was under suspicious circumstances. Her husband had been arrested but was never tried due to a technicality which set him free. He then abandoned his son and left the country.

When I found out that this had happened nearly 60 years prior I was shocked that this female spirit had hung on this long. She really did seem unsettled by the whole thing. When I asked her about this she told me she couldn’t rest until her son knew the truth. She, again, was not concerned about justice, but with closure for her loved ones.

When a person crosses over, they are moving back into a place of love, peace, and harmony. Even if their life was cut short by the free will actions of another, most seem to accept that their time on Earth is over and move on peacefully and easily. They appear not to care about justice.

Here on Earth we are very concerned with justice, so we go after murderers and make them answer for their crimes, usually by incarcerating them in cages, often for life.

I don’t know if we, as a society, would behave any differently if people knew that the victims didn’t care about the outcome of these trials. Would we find ways to rehabilitate these criminals or force them to make some kind of restitution to the families?

I don’t know.

But it has been my experience that spirits don’t hold grudges.

When you return to the ether, your perspective on life changes quite a bit. You remember who you really are and where you really came from. You know you were playing a part in a play and that the play is over, but that you can create another character and join the play again.

But not having a chance to say goodbye to the other players is apparently of some importance. That’s why spirits stick around a bit or hover, hoping to provide some closure to their living loved ones.

At least that has been my experience.

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