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5 Ways To Make Your Spirit Guides Super Happy

Your spirit guides are the non-corporeal entities who have agreed to help you out while you’re incarnated. Your higher self chose them specifically to help you fulfill the intention you set for yourself before you were born.

Spirit guides broadcast information to you constantly that will help you make decisions that are aligned with your intentions, help you avoid pain, and maximize joy.

But most people are not in touch with or in tune with their guides on a daily basis. So your guides have to do what they can to get these messages to you, and watch helplessly when you don’t pick up on the broadcast. They are resilient though and will always continue trying to assist you.

Below are 5 ways that will help increase your chances of hearing the broadcast and make your spirit guides super happy. How many of these are you engaging in now?

Following Your Gut
If you’ve ever had a gut feeling, you’re feeling a wave of information impact you clairsentiently from your guides and their broadcast. That feeling you get is information you aren’t getting from your physical senses. It’s information you’re receiving energetically.

Like when someone approaches you with a business offer and you just get the feeling that they are going to rip you off or are lying to you.

Or when you have this niggling feeling that your partner is cheating on you even when you don’t have any direct evidence.

Or when you hear that voice in the back of your mind telling you to trust someone you’ve just met.

Or a thousand other feelings you get that have no basis in fact but are still really powerful. That gut instinct is like an alarm going off in your body that says “pay attention, you’re at a critical juncture, there’s something you need to notice.”

Your guides are sending that information energetically to the cells in your body which agitate to let you know something is worth paying attention to. So your guides are super happy when you follow your gut instincts.

How often do you meditate? How often do you get quiet and listen to the broadcast?

Guides only need a few minutes to reach you with critical information. If you can give them that time and attention, your life will go a lot better for you.

When you’re running around, working, parenting, engaging with others, you may not be able to hear the broadcast. Your guides will push critical information to you through your gut, but what would happen if you got still for 5 or 10 minutes a day and let your guides actually brief you on what’s going on?

It’s a powerful process. Adopt the practice of sitting quietly with nothing on your mind for a few minutes a day. Ask your guides what message they have for you. This will make your guides ecstatic. It’s like making an appointment with them to find out what you most need to know. Try it and see what you get.

Remembering Your Dreams
Dreams are one of the more common ways that guides try to get your attention. When you’re dreaming, you open your mind up to the idea that anything’s possible, so it won’t be totally weird if a guide came to you in a dream and flat out told you something.

If you don’t remember your dreams, you may be missing out on key information your guides are trying to send you.

To enhance your dream recall, go to bed each night saying to yourself, “I will remember my dreams.” That will help.

You can also set an alarm to wake you once or twice in the middle of the night because you’re more likely to remember your dreams if you wake up in the middle of one.

Keep a dream journal by your bed and write down anything you think was from your guides.

Keep trying, don’t give up on this. Coming to you in your dreams is one of the easiest ways to get messages which makes your guides super happy.

Catching the Signs
If you’re ignoring your gut instincts, and you never sit still long enough to meditate, and you don’t remember your dreams, your guides will still try to get your attention by sending you signs, signals, and synchronicities. It’s harder for them, but they will still try. See to it that you’re paying attention.

A sign could be hearing the same song over and over again. Or seeing the same number on the clock. A sign could be running into the same stranger multiple times in one day. Or thinking about someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and suddenly they call you. My guides send me signs via license plates.

Like let’s say you’re wondering if you should change your career from being a network administrator to becoming a massage therapist. While you’re pondering this you get a catalog in the mail from a massage school, then you see an ad for massage school on Facebook, and then your best friend asks you if you want to go get massages together at the spa, and then you run into an old friend from high school who became a massage therapist. Those are signs.

When you catch the signs you can act on them. So pay attention. On the flip side, not everything that happens to you is a sign. If it’s repeating though, it probably is. I’ve told my guides I need to see it at least 3 times for it to count as a sign. You can make a similar arrangement with your guides if you desire. Catching the signs they send you will make them happy as clams.

Developing Your Intuition
Actively working on developing your intuition will also help you receive information from your guides. Most guides have to be content with you receiving urgent warnings because it’s all most people pick up, but if you develop your intuition you can tune in whenever you want and have a nice conversation with your guides and get some great advice.

Developing your intuition does take time and patience, but it’s like going to the gym and working out. You’ll see results if you keep working at it. Identifying your dominant intuitive modality will help you get started.

Once you can tune in to your guides on your own, they won’t have to resort to alarming you with sudden warnings. And that will make YOU happy. 🙂

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