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The Dead Zone: How does my deceased loved one send me signs?

This is another common question I am asked during readings.

Your deceased loved ones (DLOs) do try to communicate with you after they’ve crossed over.

The strongest communications come from those who died unexpectedly with no time to get closure or say goodbye, but any DLO could attempt to send a message to their living loved ones so you know they’re alright.

Bear in mind that sending back a message is not easy. DLOs are not automatically proficient at sending communication energetically when they are used to sending it corporeally. There are no iPhones in the afterlife.

But they will do their best to find a way that works for you and them. The biggest thing to remember is they may be better at sending one type of sign than another so you need to be open to all possibilities.

So what do these signs look like?

Here’s a list of the possible ways your deceased loved ones are sending you signs.

Coming to you in your dreams: If you dream about your DLO it could really be them. Here’s how to tell.

You smell their scent or perfume: Suddenly smell a scent that you strongly associated with grandma? It could be her sending you a message. I had that happen to me during a reading once. Read the story.

Their song comes on the radio, a lot: Hear it once and it might make you think of your DLO. That’s sweet. But hear it many times and it’s probably them reaching out.

Pictures and knick knacks topple over: Some DLOs are capable of moving small objects like picture frames, a snow globe, your expensive vase.

Electronics get wonky: I had an experience with the other side who was able to stop three different clocks on the exact same time. Read that story. Maybe the television becomes staticky every time you watch your deceased mom’s favorite show. Or maybe your car randomly shuts downa and you realize you’re right in front of the spot you and your deceased partner first met. Be on the lookout for strange electronic issues.

A song is stuck in your head: Sometimes they can put a song in your head when you wake up that has special meaning.

They come during meditation: When you’re meditating with the intent of connecting with someone, they can often use that as a doorway to get you to hear them more clearly. In my audio program, Raising Your Vibration, there is a segment where I take you through a process of connecting with deceased relatives. It’s an opening you guys can use to try to communicate with each other.

You’ll find pennies or feathers: Sometimes a deceased loved one will leave strange objects in your path, like pennies or feathers. But it’s hard to know if that’s really them or not. This is why I require my guides and DLOs to do it 3 times in a short period of time so I know it’s really them. Once is not enough, two is a coincidence, but three is a sign and they know it. You can make a similar arrangement with your DLOs.

You’ll feel them touching you: It’s not as creepy as it sounds. I’ve done a lot of readings where a DLO will tell me they are attemping to touch their partner. Wisps of touch on your face, hair or back are often the DLO attemping to touch you. With no physical body, it will feel like a wisp. But it should come with a feeling of them being near. Otherwise it might just be an itch. 😉

Chills down your spine: Sometimes you’ll get chills down one side of your back. That’s often spirit communication. If you’re thinking about them or someone mentions them and you suddenly get that chill or some goose pimples down your arm, it could be spirit communication.

The bottom line on signs is that your DLOs will try in whatever way they can to get your attention. It’s not always obvious, but sometimes it’s very obvious. Be on the lookout for these signs. They want you to know they are okay and that they made it to the other side.

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