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The Dead Zone: What do dead people do all day? What is the afterlife really like?

So… you’re dead. Congratulations you’ve made it through another life on Earth.

What awaits you on the other side? What do you do all day? Is it like it is here?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years from people wondering what it’s like:
“Can you eat anything you want and not get fat?”
“Can you still have sex when you die?”
“Is there music in heaven? What about singing?”
“Will I see my dead relatives? What about my pet bunny?”

All good questions.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some. I’ll share what I remember, what I’ve spoken to deceased people about, and what has been shared with me by my guides, but there is much about the other side that is shrouded in mystery.

First, you don’t have a body anymore.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be taking a body with you back to the ether. You’re going to leave that at the door. That might be good news for some of us. 😉

Without a body there are certain activities you will not engage in. You won’t be eating (no mouth or stomach). You won’t be having sex (no private parts). You won’t be singing (no vocal cords).

There are no pizzas in the afterlife, no harps, no electronics, no phones, no hands, no aches, no pains, nothing related to having a body.

You will be come an energetic being with a consciousness. And not just this consciousness you have now, but all the experiences you’ve ever had in every life you will reclaim when you get there.

You will have memories, of this most recent life and of your past lives.

You will remember what you did in-between lives.

One thing about music is that there seems to be some kind of cosmic frequency thing going on in the afterlife. I’ve had many deceased people tell me they can hear something akin to music, like an angelic chorus, but these “sounds” are not being made with mouths. There’s some kind of communion and harmonic resonance going on.

Let’s talk about communion. When you get back to the other side there is a big re-engagement with Source consciousness. You will feel like a conscious drop in a vast ocean of other drops. Together as one, but also with some personal experiences. As long as you are going to continue to reincarnate, you will have access to all the experiences other “yous” have had in the past. And one day you will drop all of that and merge back with Source consciousness completely.

What about animals?

Any being that you had a connection to in life will be around for you to have a connection with again. The most important factor to determining who you connect with is love. Those you shared a loving connection with will greet you or be around for you to reconnect with, including animals.

How do you spend your days?

There aren’t really days or time on the other side. It’s an entirely different dimension with its own set of quantum parameters I couldn’t even begin to explain. There’s a timelessness and an expansiveness. You’ll understand it better when you’re on the other side. It’s almost impossible to explain or experience while you’re in your body.

Do you interact with other people?

I remember speaking with a particularly chatty and intelligent spirit once during a reading and when the reading was over I was still so clearly connected to him that I asked him what he does all day on the other side. He told me he was attending lectures where minds gathered to share information, thoughts, and ideas. That sounded fantastic to me.

Some spirits spend “time” guiding others. Some help guide the planet. Some help people cross over. I’m not privy to everything but those are the bits I’ve seen.

I think the long and short of it is this… when you get to the other side it will feel like going Home. You will remember more than you remember now. And it’s very peaceful and loving. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Enjoy your time here, eat at the buffet or go to the gym and protect your body as long as possible. When you slough it off it will probably feel like shedding a heavy weight.

When you go Home you will be back in Love. It’s a beautiful thing.

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