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What If You Had Made Different Choices?

Recently I had a dream where a being came to me and asked me if I was interested in being shown parallel universes with the purpose of seeing how my life would have turned out if I had made different decisions.

That’s an offer that doesn’t come around much, so I jumped on the chance to see what my life would have been like if I had done things differently.

He explained to me that we all have major choice points in life. These choice points are when you make a decision that takes your life in an entirely new direction, the kind of decisions that completely cut you off from other paths you could have taken.

So we’re not talking about whether you got fries or onion rings, we’re talking about whether you got married, or had a child, or took that job overseas, or got on the motorcycle that stormy winter night.

These are the decisions that cut off other possibilities, so they are really important to your overall life path.

Think of it like climbing up a tree. Every time you pick a branch and go right, you are saying no to everything on the left. Further up the tree, it branches off and you must once again decide if you will go left or right. Your life is a series of decisions. Hopefully they are being made consciously and with as much information as possible.

Back to the dream. He took me to a parallel universe where I chose to become a clinical psychologist instead of majoring in Human Factors Engineering. That life wasn’t bad, but it looks like I suffered from overwhelm and lack of fulfillment as time went on. Interesting.

He took me to a life where I had chosen to accept the scholarship to a Texas university to get my PhD. That led to a life working for NASA, which was a huge dream of mine at the time. On this path I ended up marrying a fellow scientist and had kids and led a fulfilling life.

He showed me about 16 lives, all centered around major choice points in my life. In some I had the children I lost to miscarriage. In some I was married to a different man. I had many different career paths.

Some lives were better than what I’m living now and some were less joyful.

But what stood out for me, and what I want to convey to you, is that the life where I appeared to be the happiest was the life where I made all decisions based on what I desired, not what I felt obligated to do, not what I was pushed into doing, not what my partner wanted, not what society told me I should have.

The life in which I was the happiest was the life where I picked up a thread of joy and followed it all the way to its conclusion, never dropping it, never entangling or entwining it with someone else who took me down a different path.

And when this being dropped me back off in this life, I had to really sit and contemplate the choices I’ve made. The choices I made in this life led me right to where I’m sitting right now. There are great joys in my life, but there are also deep sorrows, and when I started to think about what led to the sorrow, it was choices I made that were not aligned with joy. They were aligned with fear, control, anxiety, guilt, expediency, or a sense of obligation.

Think about what got you to where you are today. Are you chasing your desires? Or have you been derailed? Is there anything you’re living now that is not in alignment with what you would have chosen for yourself? Is there time to redirect the course of your life to have the one you want?

I wish everyone could be taken on the journey that I had. The insights were incredible, and the experience was bittersweet.

It’s never too late to pick up that thread of joy again and follow it to its natural conclusion. You may have lost some time, you may have to back track a bit to find it, but it’s there, waiting for you to pick it up again.

Your life is the culmination of the choices you make. Make choices aligned with joy and desire, and you will end up somewhere very fulfilling.

As a professional intuitive, I can help you understand what the consequences of your decisions will be. Often my clients get a reading when they have a major decision to make because I can tell them how each path turns out, and then they can decide if that’s the outcome they desire. If you are facing a choice point, consider utilizing my services so you can talk to your spirit guides and get valuable insight about your upcoming path.

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