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How do you know you’re not reading your client’s mind?

Recently I got an email from a curious person who asked me, “When you do a reading, and you get information you couldn’t possibly know, how do you know you’re not just reading the client’s mind? Maybe you’re not tuning in to beings on the other side. Maybe you’re just tuning in to your client, and the only information you can get is the information they have in their head. I’m not trying to say that what you do isn’t helpful, but are you sure of your source?”

This is a great question and one I’ve been asked many times over the years. I am firmly convinced that I am not reading a client’s mind. Here’s how I know.

I did a reading once for a client and a deceased loved one came through. She came through with a thick Polish accent, told me she had severely arthritic hands, and showed me an image of herself freezing to death, and told me starvation also played a factor in her demise.

When I described this woman to the client, the client had no idea who I was talking about. When this happens I simply pass along the message and hope the client figures it out later.

In this case, the client talked to her mother after the reading and the mother knew immediately who it was. It was a great aunt of hers who had lived in Poland, died of hypothermia, and had severe arthritis.

My client, herself, never knew who this woman was, so I could not have been reading her mind since there was nothing in there about this woman to read. This has happened to me several times, where the deceased person coming through is not someone my client recognizes until after the reading is over.

In another case, I read for a client and her deceased father came through with a dire warning that she needed to get out of town that weekend because an abusive partner was coming after her with very bad intentions. My client heeded the warning and escaped a very dangerous situation. In this case, the client had no idea this was going to happen, so again I could not have been reading her mind.

In another case, I was hanging out with a friend who was visiting from out of town. His guides told me he wouldn’t have a job when he got back to his home city. He told me this was preposterous as he was an extremely valuable member of the company. But sure enough, when he got back, one of the partners took him aside and told him he needed to resign or he’d be fired. He was shocked, but again, no way to read that in someone’s mind.

When I tune in to get information for clients, I am tuning in to their spirit guides. The guides can see things we can’t yet see. And they can advise us about things that will help us on our path.

Sometimes the information they give me is already something the client has felt intuitively themselves, but getting validation from a professional intuitive is great confirmation. And sometimes the guides give advice the client is not ready to hear or doesn’t think could possibly be true. But I usually get an email from the client later telling me the guides were right all along.

I can’t claim to fully understand how everything on the other side works. I just know how to tune in to it and get accurate information that I pass along to my clients. But I’m positive I’m not just reading their minds.

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