47 Things on my 47th Birthday

So today is my 47th birthday and for fun I’m going to share 47 things I’ve learned since arriving to this lovely planet.

1. You can make your life a joy or you can make it misery. The choice is always yours.

2. If you don’t like your results, change the variables in the equation.

3. Nobody owes you anything. You are responsible for creating the life you want.

4. The world is not against you. The world merely responds to your choices.

5. There is no destiny or fate. Free will is your birthright. Use it well.

6. You can choose your emotions at all times. You can choose your reaction to events.

7. The people who are the meanest are the ones that need love and forgiveness the most.

8. People who can make you laugh are priceless.

9. 100 people can see the same situation 100 different ways, and no one is right or wrong.

10. Everyone is beautiful.

11. Everyone is a piece to the puzzle. Put us all together and you can see the big picture. No piece is worth more or less than another.

12. Even when you feel alone, you are never alone. Your helpers on the other side are holding you and walking by your side.

13. Don’t let other people pick your path in life. They aren’t the ones who have to walk it.

14. You get what you attract.

15. Your life is a gift and it’s priceless.

16. We are all One. What you do to others you are doing to yourself.

17. Worrying is a waste of energy, but sometimes you can’t help it. That’s okay.

18. Don’t move to a desert if you don’t like heat.

19. Love is a gamble. Love anyway.

20. God does not judge anyone for anything.

21. The world is not broken and it doesn’t need to be saved. The world is a reflection of our collective vibration.

22. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, not something you bestow upon another. Forgive often.

23. When you can find the opportunity in personal tragedy, your life will be much easier.

24. Life is not punishing you, it’s teaching you via cause and effect.

25. Gratitude and love are two of the highest vibrations you can feel. Feel them often.

26. Life is too short to allow others to make you feel bad. Release those who are cruel to you.

27. Sometimes you don’t know you can fly until someone pushes you off the cliff.

28. No one can reject you without your permission.

29. Do not seek perfection, there is no such thing.

30. You probably don’t remember how truly awesome you are. Try to remember.

31. You can row against the current if you choose to, just don’t complain that the current appears to be against you.

32. You are intuitive. Trust it. Act on it.

33. Random fun fact: The number 33 is my favorite number.

34. Being silly is like the flashlight of life. It can get you through the darkness.

35. Star Trek is superior to Star Wars. Anyone who thinks differently has not fully grasped Star Trek. 😉

36. If it’s not within your control, let it go. Work with what you have control over.

37. If you don’t plant it, you can’t harvest it.

38. Design your life so that you love living each day.

39. If you want it badly enough you will find a way to get it. It’s okay to admit you don’t want it as badly as you thought you did.

40. You don’t need to become enlightened. You are already enlightened. You just don’t remember.

41. Be kind to everyone you meet. It costs you nothing and can mean the world to someone else.

42. Be yourself. If you don’t, you rob the world of the richness that is you.

43. Do not feel sad for those who have passed away. They are on the other side cheering you on and hoping you will live life to the fullest.

44. Be proud of yourself.

45. Fill your tank when it is empty. Pushing yourself when you’re tired does no one any good.

46. Let people help you.

47. Have fun!

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