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Can a Psychic See Your Deep, Dark Secrets?

I was at a conference once with a group of people who all knew I was a professional intuitive. On day 2, we all met in the morning in a certain spot so we could go into the conference room together and sit next to each other.

I noticed one guy was slinking around at the edge of the group, his head down, not making eye contact with anyone.

As everyone filed into the conference room, this guy got my attention and signaled that he wanted to speak to me privately.

When we were alone he looked up at me and said, “So, uh… yeah, you probably know what I did last night and I’m pretty ashamed of myself, and just wanted to let you know that I feel bad about it and won’t do it again.”

I said, “Actually I have no idea what you did last night.”

He looked shocked and said, “But you’re psychic. Surely you can see all of my deep dark secrets.”

I said, “Ah, now I understand. Please rest assured that I would never pry into your personal life or dig around in your mind to learn any of your secrets. That would be very unethical.”

He looked very relieved, but then he said, “Oh wow, I just confessed to you that I did something horrible and you wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you.”

I said, “True. You did. But I still don’t know what you actually did, you’re a grown man with your own free will, and I’m certainly not going to judge you.”

He said, “Okay. Can we just forget I brought anything up?”

“Sure,” I said. “Don’t worry about it at all.”

But this brings up a question and a point that a lot of people have asked me about over the years.

Can a psychic see your deep, dark secrets?

The answer is yes, but only under the following circumstances:

You are broadcasting very loudly
To a psychic you are like a radio; you are broadcasting your dominant thoughts and worries all the time. If a psychic has her antenna tuned in to your broadcast, he or she will easily pick up your dominant thoughts and worries and not have to go searching too hard either.

A good psychic does not walk around with her antenna up and open. It’s not comfortable to pick up on personal broadcasts all day long. Very energetically draining. In the case of the fellow in my group I could see he was feeling ashamed, but I wouldn’t have known why unless I pushed into his mind to look. I was focused on the talk we were about to hear and wasn’t interested in prying into this man’s shame.

You give permission
When I do an actual reading for a client, I am getting permission from the client to tune in to his guides and talk to them about what’s going on. In that case the antenna is up and I’m in work mode, so I’m going to receive some personal and possibly very private information.

I did a reading for a gal once and her guides wanted to talk to her about her eating disorder. When I said, “Your guides want me to talk about the bulimia. Are you okay with that?” she gasped and said, “Wow, I had no idea you knew about that!” To which I replied, “I didn’t. They did.” So we talked about what her guides needed her to know on the subject, but she had no intention of bringing it up with me at all. During a reading, however, I can pick up on things that you are NOT consciously broadcasting.

Your guides want me to
Sometimes even if I have permission to go mucking around in your mind, I am blocked from seeing some things. Your guides control the broadcast and the flow of information, and they usually only tell me or let me see what is pertinent to your current path or struggle.

There isn’t really time for me to see and review everything you’ve ever done or thought about. So I may not see the car accident you got into when you were 16 because you were texting instead of paying attention to the road. If it’s not pertinent to the reading at hand, I’m not going to be told that.

The psychic is unethical
Just as there are unscrupulous people in any profession, a person with strong intuitive abilities could, if they wanted to, push into your energy and try to find information you didn’t want them to have. If you practice strong psychic self defense, it will be much harder for them, but most people aren’t actively doing that as they go through their day. So, yes, it is possible for an unethical intuitive to extract information from you unwillingly. It’s very dark and is not remotely condoned by lightworkers and those who serve the light. Steer clear of any intuitive who violates your privacy for their own joy, amusement or personal gain.

This sort of thing happens with every profession though. Think about the doctor sitting at dinner one night at a restaurant when he hears a man coughing deeply at another table. If he’s a pulmonary specialist at work, he might be mentally diagnosing the guy’s problem.

Think about the mechanic sitting at a stop light who hears the car next to him having trouble with its engine. Can he ignore what he knows professionally, or is he going to start diagnosing the cause of the problem?

A psychic wouldn’t be much of a psychic if they could not receive information about a person’s path. It’s up to the psychic to lower the antenna when they are not working. The ethical thing to do is leave people alone and not pry into their minds.

The only time I use my psychic abilities without being asked is if I feel I am in some kind of danger. Then I will do a quick evaluation of a person’s intentions towards me to make sure I am safe. Just like a doctor who won’t ignore his own persistent cough, or a mechanic who will check his engine periodically to make sure its running properly, a psychic will use her gifts to protect herself as she goes through life.

Your secrets are safe… most of the time. 😉

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