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Can Your Car Communicate with You Telepathically?

Here’s a fun little story which will have a point by the end, I promise.

A couple decades ago I was driving a used Mazda that was quickly fading from life. Many mechanical issues plagued this cute little car and it was becoming increasingly expensive to keep fixing it.

Finally, one day, the Mazda died. The AAA guy came to give it a jump and was unable to revive it. He declared it officially dead. He said “Donate the parts to cars who need life and move on. I’m sorry for your loss.”

I was sad. Also, I had no vehicle, I was living in Los Angeles, and you kind of need a car to get around. Luckily my husband at the time had a car so I knew we’d be okay for a while until we could save enough money to buy me some wheels.

I called over to the mechanic shop and told them my car was dead and asked if was there anything they could give me for it. Over the phone, the mechanic offered me $500 for it. I was elated! I paid to have it towed there.

When I arrived, the mechanic handed me $300 cash. I said, “Yo, what up? This ain’t no $500 dollars.”

He said, “Take it or leave it.” I realized he had me by the lady parts because I had already paid to have it towed there and I didn’t want to pay to tow it home, only to have to maybe have it towed again later. I reluctantly accepted the $300 and gave him the stink eye and a little grumble.

I signed over the title and told him to make sure to register the car in his name. He said he would. His plan was to fix the car himself and resell it to someone else. So fine, I gave my Mazda a little kiss goodbye and went on about my life.

A few days later I had the strangest dream. I dreamed my Mazda was being towed down the freeway. In the dream it was raining and the sunroof was open. I remember thinking, “What the heck is happening to my Mazda? Who left the roof open in the rain?” I woke up and thought it was a strange dream but went on about my life.

A couple of weeks later I got a notice in the mail saying I needed to contact the police since my car… my MAZDA… had been involved in a hit and run accident and left at the scene of the crime. I was being investigated for hit and run!

I freaked out of course. I got in contact with the police and was able to prove to them I had sold the car. Unfortunately, the mechanic never bothered to send in his end of the paperwork so the only record they had was that I was the owner. I almost got put in jail for hit and run on a pedestrian, but thankfully I had enough proof and the police left me alone.

But here’s the kicker. They impounded the car and I got another notice saying if I wanted to take the car back I could since it technically did not have a new owner. However, when I called the impound yard, the guy there told me “Uh yeah, it’s here. You can have it if you pay the impound fee of $300 but I gotta tell you, when they brought it in, the sunroof was open and it’s been raining pretty hard these last couple of weeks and the inside is completely flooded and water damaged. The car is not really functional and I don’t think it’s salvageable.”

My baby! Used to commit a crime and then left to rot and die in a flood.

Then I remembered my dream! I bet when I dreamed it was being towed it actually WAS being towed. And when I saw the roof open and it flooding, it probably WAS flooding!

My car was trying to reach me. “Come get me. Save me from the impound yard! Help!”

I had no reason to believe that dream was a premonition. But clearly some kind of intuitive thing was happening between me and that car.

Maybe if I had acted on the dream I could have gotten to the car before it suffered 2 weeks in the open air.

So in reality, my car was not actually communicating with me. But my guides were. I was very attached to that car energetically, and I was sad when I had to sell it. And they sent me that dream in an attempt to let me know the car was technically mine again, that I could reclaim it. It had even been fixed to the point it was drivable, albeit then used to hit someone! But that wasn’t the car’s fault.

I didn’t act on the dream because I had no idea it was a sending. And this happens to people often. Your guides try to send you information but you either don’t receive it, don’t understand it, or don’t act on it.

Have you ever gotten a sign or signal or premonition but you didn’t act, or didn’t know what you were supposed to do? It happens.

When you improve your intuitive abilities, you can receive important information, and when you build up your trust, you’ll act on the information you’re getting. If I had acted, maybe I could have gotten my car back in time.

In the end I had to mourn the loss of the car a second time. I hope they gave it a good burial. I’ll never forget my little Mazda. So brave. So tortured. So innocent.


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