Does Everyone Have a Guardian Angel?

Angels are celestial beings that vibrate at a really high frequency. They stand as guardians between Creation and Source. They help to keep the balance. They protect our dimension. They help keep order.

When I do readings, I sometimes see angels around my client. I see this when my client is going through a terrible emotional trauma. Angels support, comfort, and provide psychic protection during times of great stress and devastation.

But are we assigned an angel to protect us from birth until death? I don’t believe so. I have never encountered one in a reading or during interactions with the other side.

Angels do come when you need them, they do help you when you are in desperate need, but it doesn’t appear to me as if you have one assigned to you. I don’t believe they are assigned at all.

To use an analogy, they are like police officers who patrol creation looking to serve those who are in need, those who need help, and to keep the criminals at bay. But there isn’t one police officer assigned to each citizen.

Angels are powerful and they can hold your energy and support you when you feel like you are falling. I see them around suicidal people and I see them around those on the other side who have suicided. I see angels holding children and babies that have died too young, and I see angels holding the parents who have lost their precious children.

When you are feeling scared, traumatized, or devastated, call upon the angels. When you feel like you can’t go on, hang on, or hold on, call upon the angels for assistance.

If you can discern their energy it will feel like you are being held in love and protection. When you can’t walk, they will carry you. They stand ever ready to assist us while we are incarnated and even when we cross over to the other side.

They are powerful, empathetic protectors who are just a thought away.

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