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Recognizing the Ego Imp and Sending Him on His Way

If you’re like most humans, you sometimes hear a little voice in your mind that says things to you that aren’t really all that positive, friendly or helpful. Call it self-doubt or low self-esteem, maybe some fear or anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt.

In our family we refer to that voice as the Ego Imp, and we characterize him as a little imp sitting on your shoulder whispering into your ear things that lower your vibration.

The Ego Imp will say things like:

  • “You’re stupid. You can’t do anything right!”
  • “You’re going to fail. You have no idea how to do this.”
  • “No one will ever love you.”
  • “You can’t pull this off. You have no chance at success.”
  • “You may as well just give up now.”

When my kids come to me and they are in a low vibration state, one of the first things I ask them is “What are you hearing in your mind? What is the voice saying?”

When I ask them that they tell me what they are hearing, and it’s usually something similar to what I described above. It’s a statement or phrase that is very low vibration and is not remotely helpful. It tears you down instead of lifting you up.

Then I ask, “Is that the voice you want to be listening to or is there another voice you want to hear?”

At first they believed the only voice they could hear was the one they were already hearing. But this is not the case. If you can metaphorically flick that Ego Imp right off your shoulder, you will find out that he is not the only voice broadcasting information at you. “No Luke, there is another!”

Where the Ego Imp comes from inside your mind, there is another voice you can hear if you tune in to a higher vibration. You have a cadre of spirit guides and other unseen helpers on the other side who are just as tuned in to you and your needs as the Ego Imp. And if you can quiet the Ego Imp, you can begin to hear your guides.

Guides sound like this:

  • “Try one more time. But this time try it this way.”
  • “He’s angry with you because he’s afraid. Don’t respond to what he’s saying, respond to what he’s fearing.”
  • “You are about to have a huge learning experience. Don’t be afraid to fail or succeed. Just let it happen.”
  • “You are awesome, beautiful, and gosh darn it, people like you!”

When I can get my kids to recognize that they are being internally assaulted by the Ego Imp, I can get them to consciously tune him out so they can tune in to their guides.

It takes a little practice to become aware that it’s the Ego Imp tearing you down. Try noticing him whispering in your ear the next time you are berating yourself or feeling like a failure. Flick him away, rocket him into the sun, put him in a little tiny box and step on it.

Then tune in to your guidance. It will always be helpful, practical, motivating, encouraging, and friendly. That’s how you’ll know the difference.

The Ego Imp strikes when we are at our most vulnerable. If you let the Ego Imp blather on in your mind, you will find yourself in a downward spiral which will lock you into a low vibration. You have the power to flick him off your shoulder any time you want, and he has to go.

Be consciously tuned in to the beings who can help you, and kick Mr. Ego Imp to the curb. Life only gets better and more empowering when you do this.

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