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There Are No Villains

When I wrote my recent blog article, The Truth About the Fight Between Good and Evil I got a lot of responses. Some people loved the article and said it made perfect sense to them. And some people sent me follow up questions like, “Surely Hitler was evil. Surely ISIS is evil. There is evil in the world.”

What I want to explain is that there are in truth no villains. The people you hate, the people who commit mass murder, the people who are trying to destroy your way of living do not wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “How can I be a better villain?”

Humans decide what they desire and then they try to manifest those desires. That’s what every human is doing whether they realize it or not.

Every human being wakes up each morning and continues to pursue that which they desire.

Some people are manifesting career goals. Some are manifesting relationship goals. Some just want to manifest a cup of coffee and won’t do anything else until they get it.

Every action you take is in alignment with your desires. Sometimes those are conscious desires and sometimes unconscious.

Hitler had a desire. He spent every day manifesting that desire. He was a vibrational match for his desires so he achieved them. In the process, he hurt and killed a lot of innocent people. And the world frowns upon that. Most people in the world are not seeking to eradicate an entire race of people.

We don’t like it when one person or a group of people decide that another person or a group of people should suffer or die. But because of free will, we are allowed to go after that which we desire.

You may wish Hitler didn’t desire eradication, but he did, and he was a vibrational match for his desires so he went after them with great power. But there were people in the world who wanted to stop him so they did. They were a vibrational match for stopping Hitler and they achieved their desire as well.

You might be thinking, “Hitler had a choice. He chose to kill millions of people. Surely that makes him evil.”

Hitler probably thought he was the hero. He thought he was doing the world a favor. He firmly believed he was right to do what he did. All the “villains” do.

Look at ISIS. If you are raised from birth to believe that your God requires you to kill members of another group, and you in fact go out and kill members of another group, you will feel like a hero. You will feel like you have honored your God’s wishes. To them, westerners are the enemy, an affront to their God.

We don’t agree. We think we’re pretty cool people. But that doesn’t change the fact that these people have been raised with a certain belief and they are acting on the desire to please their God.

I’m not saying you should allow someone to kill you if that is their desire, because you have a desire too, and that’s to live out your life peacefully and not let anyone end your life prematurely. So conflict develops between you and the person or group that wants to kill you.

But it’s important to understand a few things:

No one is born good or evil. All souls come from the same place, Love.

Your environment, your family, and your social group influence your beliefs. You will begin to desire what your social group tells you is desirable.

You act on those beliefs because you are aligned with them.

Sometimes you change your beliefs and change your behavior.

But sometimes you are such a vibrational match for your beliefs that you have great success achieving them.

The guy who blows up 500 people including himself believes he is a hero. The 500 people who were murdered are not happy about that guy’s actions. Not happy at all.

People will always act in accordance with their desires and beliefs, so if you want a peaceful world then we must model a peaceful world to all the kids growing up who are waiting for us to show them what to believe.

Conflict exists because different groups of people are trying to achieve opposing desires.

But it’s critical that you understand that no one is born good or evil. What you see as evil, others will see as perfectly acceptable and even good.

If you had been raised in their environment, you may be acting the same way they are acting and think nothing of it.

As hard as it may be, we must stop judging the actions of others. Everyone acts according to their desires. We don’t live in isolation. We must navigate the challenges of being in a world where people don’t always have the same goals.

But there are no villains; just people trying to get what they desire. Sometimes that’s in alignment with what YOU desire and sometimes it’s not.

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