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Indigos, Crystals, and Starseeds, Oh My!

A lot of people write to me asking if they are an Indigo Child, or a Crystal Child, or maybe a Starseed. If you Google all of these words you will find a lot of websites that describe and discuss all of these groups and you may be able to determine which category, if any, you think you belong to.

But I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to find your category because none of these groups are real. They are just words… labels… to describe certain characteristics people have.

In reality, we are individual souls who incarnate with an intention, a goal. A personal goal, not a group goal.

Some people come to Earth to have a relaxing “vacation.”

Some people come here to live in service to others.

Some people want to shift the vibration of the planet.

Some people want to have an experience in this life they couldn’t in another life.

Some people want to be in a physical body so they can experience physical things like skiing, swimming, or running.

Some people want to be with specific people who are also incarnated at the same time.

Some people want to make discoveries in science or medicine and help cure diseases.

Some people want to push the laws of the universe and see if they will bend.

But, you may ask, if there are a bunch of people who want to live in service to humanity couldn’t we sort of lump them together and call them something pretty like Lightworkers or something like that?

We could. But there is a danger in doing that. The danger is obsession and wanting to fit in even if you are not a vibrational match.

Someone wrote to me recently and said, “I was told I’m a Crystal child because of when I was born. But I don’t really want to help the planet or be empathic. Am I ruining my destiny if I don’t conform to the group I’m in?”

And another, “I’m a Lightworker. I shouldn’t have to get a job and pay my bills and do all that earthly nonsense. I should just be allowed to wander around and spread love and light, and meditate all day, and help others. Also… burning man!”

And another, “I’m a Starseed. My people are different than humans. How can I fulfill my destiny?”

You can lump yourself into any group or label you desire. Just don’t let that be all you are.

Maybe you want to live in service to humanity but on the weekends you want to ski the crap out of Vail.

Maybe you came here to cure cancer, but at night you love belly dancing.

Don’t let a label be all that you are. Embrace your individuality. We are all souls in the body of Source. Our lights are different, but they are all bright.

You come here with an intention, not an edict.

Play, serve, relax, discover, contribute, meditate… anything you want. You come here with a choice, not a label.

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