Spirit Guides are Not Genies

I got an email from someone who said, “I am so mad at my spirit guides right now. I told them to get me a promotion at work but this other guy got the promotion. Why didn’t my guides help me? They’re total dicks.”

Another email, “Can you please ask my guides to bring LaShaun to my birthday party next week? I really want him to be there, but he’s not responding to my email invite. My guides should be able to get him to come to my party, otherwise what good are they?”

And one more. “I told my guides to make sure I won the lottery this week but I lost again! I can’t keep spending money like this. When are they going to do what they promised and make me rich?”

Spirit guides are not genies. They don’t grant wishes. They are not magical beings who can wave their wands and make your dreams come true.

Spirit guides can give you information that helps you get what you desire, but you’re the one who must take action and make yourself a vibrational match for the outcome.

Spirit guides can see what path you need to take to get what you desire, so if you talk to your guides and really listen to them, you’ll receive valuable information and insight about your path. But then you need to take the actions required to achieve your desires.

Imagine going up to a park ranger and saying, “I want to be at the top of THAT mountain. Will you please put me there?”

The park ranger says, “Well I can tell you the fastest way up the mountain and I can tell you what pitfalls to avoid. I can also tell you what supplies you should bring, but you’re the one who has to walk up the mountain.”

That’s valuable advice there. But yeah, no… the ranger can’t teleport you to the top of the mountain.

The best way to utilize your guides is to get information and advice about the path you’re on and where to go next.

Here are some examples of questions they can answer for you:

  • What career path will make me feel more fulfilled than the one I’m on?
  • Will the guy I’m currently dating make me happy long term?
  • What can I do to bring a new, fulfilling relationship to me in the shortest time possible?
  • How can I build my new business in the fastest way possible?
  • How can I hear my guides more often and more clearly?
  • How can I mend the rift that’s developed between me and my sister?
  • How will a divorce affect my finances and my family?
  • Does he mean it when he says he will leave his wife for me or is he lying?
  • What do I need to do to have a baby with my husband? What is blocking us?
  • How can I feel more joy and fulfillment in my life? What is my life purpose?

If you’re expecting your guides to grant your wishes you are not understanding what spirit guides are for. They want to hand you a map of the terrain, they don’t want to rob you of the joy of climbing the mountain.

Guides are a wellspring of valuable information. They work for you, and they will help you have a happier life. If you can’t connect directly with your guides, you can book a reading with me and I will tell you what they most want you to know about your path.

Their wish for you is that you enjoy your life as much as possible. Your life is a gift and they want to help you maximize the joy you get from it. Listen to their wisdom and insight as often as possible.

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