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Do Deceased People Care Where or How They are Buried?

I just got off a call with a journalist who wanted to interview me for an article he’s writing about cemeteries and the beauty of burial plots. He wanted to know if deceased people care whether their cemetery is pretty or if it doesn’t matter. We had a nice long chat about that. Here’s essentially what I told him.

When you die, your body stays here and your soul moves on to another plane. I call it the Ether. You can call it whatever you want, you are someplace else. Your consciousness becomes energy. There is no more body. You are no longer attached to your body at all.

So when your body is buried in a beautiful cemetery plot and there are flowers and fountains and pretty trees, you won’t care. You’re not there. Your loved ones may come visit you there, and so pretty definitely beats ugly right? But you – your consciousness – no longer resides on this plane so you won’t care if you’re in a wall, an urn, or the ocean. You’re gone.

What I wanted to impress upon the writer during our call was that location means nothing to a deceased person. Our dearly departed loved ones can hear us when we talk to them from bed, or at the grocery store, or sitting in a pretty park, or on a long drive. Our consciousness is not bound by distance or location.

Think of it this way, when you pray you don’t need to be in a religious structure for God to hear you right? I mean how powerful could God be if he could only hear you while you’re sitting in a manmade building, right?

Likewise, your lost loved ones are attuned to your energy, your frequency, your consciousness and you take that with you wherever you go!

Burying our loved ones in a cemetery and then going there to talk to them is merely symbolic. They are not in that coffin. They are not in that wall. They are not in the urn or in their ashes. They are in our hearts, in our energy, our minds.

Talk to your deceased loved ones. They can hear you. Wherever you are.

And if you’re still, if you listen, you will hear them speaking back to you and holding you as best they can.

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