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11th Anniversary, A New Reading Option, and a Special Discount For You!

Today, June 6, 2017 is the 11th anniversary of the day I first began giving intuitive readings. It has been an incredible journey. I’ve read for thousands of clients who live all around the world. It’s been amazing meeting everyone and sharing in your lives even for just a few minutes. There are over 800 articles on my blog too. Phew! That’s a lot of info!

To celebrate this auspicious anniversary, I’m excited to offer a brand new intuitive service:
Past Life Readings

What is a past life reading?
We have all lived many lifetimes. I can recall at least 7 of my own past lives. In each one I can see how I lived, how I died, who I knew in that life that I now know in this one, and what major lessons I learned. It’s insightful and kind of neat to know about some of my past lives.

I am able to speak to your spirit guides who will show me your past lives. Find out who you were and how you lived in one of your past lives!

How do I get a past life reading from you?
Go to my Readings Page and select the Past Life Reading option. This is an email-only option so you will receive your past life reading via email. The benefit of this is you can keep it and read it over any time you want or even share it with your friends.

What will the reading cover?
I can ask your guides to share with me the past life that they feel is the most beneficial for you to know in this life. For this reading you’ll just send me your photo and say “Let the guides decide.”

Or I can ask your guides if there was a past life that is contributing some carry-over trauma to you in this life. For this reading you’ll send me your photo and say, “I’m very afraid of XYZ (water, dogs, spiders, turtle-necks, whatever). Did I have a past life involving a traumatic incident?” I will ask your guides to share a life related to that trauma. If there was none, I will tell you so and let your guides decide what past life to share.

Or you can ask if someone you know in this life is someone you had a past life (or several lives) with. For this reading you’ll send me a photo of you and the person in question and say, “Did I have a past life relationship with this person in the photo and if so, what was the deal?” And again, if there was nothing related to that person I’ll let your guides decide what to send.

So no matter what you’ll get information on one past life.

How much does the Past Life Reading cost?
The regular price for this reading will be $120, but to celebrate my anniversary, you can get a past life reading for just $80. This discount expires on June 13, 2017 so order as soon as you can. You can order multiple readings and redeem them when you desire.

I am excited to start doing past life readings for my clients. Over the last 11 years I’ve read for thousands of people and past life information comes up often in readings. Knowing what occurred in your past lives can often help you sort through traumas and fears and complicated relationships in this life.

See what your guides have to share! Get a Past Life Reading Today!

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