Does the Other Side Care About What Happens On Earth?

Someone emailed me the other day with this question, “I can’t believe Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States. Doesn’t the other side care about what happens to us? Why didn’t they stop him?”

The short answer is free will.

We’re living in a playground that contains a sandbox, and we are all free to make our sandcastles exactly the way we want. There is no one on the other side who is going to control our actions. There is no blueprint we have to follow. Creation is completely open to our whim.

We are free to build an amazing life.

We are free to build a life of torment and suffering.

We are free to live in fear.

We are free to live with gratitude.

The other side is not going to step in and rob you of your free will.

You have been placed here on this Earth with the ability to create your reality.

You can live in a reality dominated by fear or by love. The choice is yours.

The beings on the other side don’t particularly care what choices we make as a society. There is no divine plan to “make” a certain person president, or make a war happen, or make a dictator launch a nuclear bomb. Once we arrive, we’re living totally in free will.

No one on the other side will intervene if we create a reality where we blow ourselves up. The other side has no wish to interfere in the creation we are making. They don’t wish to control us.

Are they sad when people are hurt? Yes, they do have empathy for what is being created.

Are they glad when people achieve some sort of personal victory? Yes.

But they are not sitting behind the scenes plotting our course.

They did not make Trump president. Free will made him president. Enough people in the right place voted in just a certain way and he was elected.

The other side may lift an eyebrow and say “interesting choice” but they still will not interfere in what we are all co-creating. So if you want change in the world, be the change, and new outcomes will be created.

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