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How long do we retain our personalities once we die?

Let’s say you’re some bloke named Oliver Queen and you die, are you still Oliver Queen on the other side, like forever? Or do you become someone else? Something else?

People ask me variations of this question a lot.

Here you are, living your life, and one day you croak. You’re greeted by the white light, your guides, some angels, and loved ones on the other side. You have a life review, see what your impact was, and you trip merrily into an afterlife filled with joy, bliss, and an all-you-can-eat dessert bar.

Do you live eternally with the same personality you had when you incarnated?

No, not exactly.

Let me introduce you to your higher self. Higher Self is your oversoul. Source energy created your soul and put you in the ether. You love it there. It’s high speed internet all the time and unlimited data. It’s all very peachy.

But one day your higher self says, “I wish to incarnate on Earth. Looks like fun to be corporeal.” Arrangements are made. Spirit guides are chosen. Parents are selected, and down you go to Earth. You are born and named by your parents. You grow up, learn, love, fail, succeed, you have an interesting life.

When you die, you leave your body behind and your soul goes back to the ether. You retain your personality for a period of time. It’s not very long and it varies for everyone.

What do you become? You merge back with your higher self.

That doesn’t mean you lose your memories or experiences of the life you had. You will always remember it.

And when someone you loved on Earth dies and crosses over, you will eagerly greet them wearing the same “personality” that person might recognize, so as to reassure them that they have come to the right place and are indeed back in Love’s embrace.

Then, when you decide you want to go back to Earth, you will reincarnate. And when that persona dies, the same thing happens. You will be greeted by ALL the souls you have ever loved, across every lifetime you’ve ever had. This eternal love and connection is not bound by one single life and one single personality.

Your oversoul houses all the lives and experiences you have on Earth. Your personalities and connections are never lost. And you are not limited to being one specific person for all of eternity, which is probably a relief for some of you. 😉

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